In the It’s Only Rock and Roll But I Hate You File, The Who’s longtime feuding band mates, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, have finally come to a mutually beneficial agreement. The pair decided to bury the hatchet of harmony that had lasted for three tense days last month, allowing them to embark on yet another legend-milking tour fueled by proper mutual hatred. (Dig the above clip to see classic Who rage).

Inner-circle reps were rumored to have been concerned that the two would remain on actual speaking terms, thus ruining the chances of another reunion tour estimated to bring in upwards of $100 million. “Blimey,” stated an unnamed band confidante who is British. “If the lads aren’t having a bit of a scuffle, the music goes right down the loo! Along with those bloody marvelous Yankee dollars!”

Among the supposed demands for the tour (and this part is supposedly true—really) are separate hotels, travel arrangements and staffing, separate dressing rooms on opposite ends of the hallway and no conversation between the two. And presumably, seperate bank accounts.

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