Greetings Earthlings.

Your intrepid blogadier Clog Narter has received—via spacemail—royal notice to return to his home dimension. Though we'd love nothing more than to stay on and continue our important work here on your quaint planet, the Empress has denied our request for extension and we are bound to depart forthwith to serve on the frontlines of battle.

We sincerely hope that in the course of our brief stay here you have found occasion to enjoy our, at times, trenchant essays, examinations and egg salad recipes. We know that we have. (Neither humility nor arrogance exists on our planet.)

Thank you deeply and without reservation to all readers who ever took the time to finish a sentence, post a comment or ask how they can attend a taping of The Soup. You are loved.

In the wake of our departure, please take several spare moments to welcome, with any and all free arms open, The Soup Blog's new administrator, Peter Gilstrap. You'll like him; he's one of your own. A human. We think so, anyway. It's what he wrote on his application papers.

May you live forever!
Clog Narter

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