Lily Allen

ODuran/Fame Pictures, XP/SCLD / Ramey

Lily Allen finally decided to replace that awful pink thing growing on her head with something a little more natural. Looks like she added some blunt bangs as well! Nice going, Lil.

But why would she ever do such a thing? And will she be participating in some Bikram yoga soon? Also, how does she feel about the stabbings in the U.K.?

There’s probably a blog out there somewhere that explains all this. Oh look, there is!...

Lily answered all these pressing questions and more in her most recent MySpace diary entry. We'll save you some time and just give you the answers:

She changed her hair because she “got bored of the pink.” She will indeed be starting Bikram yoga this week, which she thinks is so “YAWN.” And she makes this plea to her fellow countrymen: “please can everyone stop stabbing each other in the UK.”

If you would like to know more about adopting dogs and the security of her new apartment, be sure to check out the whole thing.

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