Bloody Sopranos Wardrobe


Those Tony Soprano fans sure love the big jerk, inside and out.

One avid fan—or a very sloppy dresser—paid a whopping $43,750 for the fake-blood-stained outfit James Gandolfini's iconic mob boss was wearing when his dementia-addled Uncle Junior shot him in the gut in The Sopranos' season-six opener.

The red-spattered pants, undershirt and black and gray-striped button-down was the top-grossing lot auctioned off Wednesday at Christie's in New York to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause close to Gandolfini's heart that helps out soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Overall, Tony's garb brought in $187,750.

The second-biggest seller, for $21,250, was a four-piece set containing boxer shorts, a sleeveless undershirt, slippers and the blue, yellow and red-striped bathrobe Tony wore in multiple scenes that took place in the Soprano family's New Jersey manse.

Gandolfini, who after winning three Emmys playing the New Jersey Family man produced and appeared in the HBO interview special Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, was on hand to see the items zoom past their estimated $1,500 value.

Cementing the appeal of oversize loungewear, the lavender-trimmed tan robe with an S insignia that Tony was wearing in the pilot when he first got fed the fickle ducks that landed him in therapy fetched $13,750.

In addition to Gandolfini's entire wardrobe, which was separated into 25 lots, costumes belonging to Domanic Chianese (Junior Soprano), Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts) and Robert Iler (A.J. Soprano) were also on the block today.

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