Jessica Simpson

Larry Busacca/, Nancy Kaszerman/

Lord knows what’s up with Jessica Simpson and her Dallas Cowboys QB cutie Tony Romo. We thought she'd been jilted by the jinx, then they were reunited, after which they had a falling-out before having a falling-in at sister Ashlee’s wedding. Maybe that was all just for show?

Well, this oscillating-romance weirdness attained a new level of wackiness during a recent Nashville photo session:

The snoopers at the New York Post’s Page Six say Jessica’s hair stylist pal, Ken Paves, was on hand to document the proceedings, reportedly "snapping sexy photos of her butt and her boobs with his phone" and sending them to Romo.

It’s so cute when your BFF is best buds with your b-f. But beware emailing pics to towel-snapping jocks, as Jessica’s jaunty JPEGs are likely to wind up on the Internet. So why not cut out the middleman, Tony and Ken, and save us all that time Google-ogling Jessica by CC'ing us with the pics in the first place? Just sayin’...

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