Tess Rafferty

It is tough to get a good clip from Cheaters. For one thing, most of the excitement on Cheaters is during “The Confrontation,” and this usually takes the form of fisticuffs. Now while I’ll stipulate that a good fight makes a good clip, the problem with the Cheaters fight is that we’ve seen it all before. Whether it’s two men fighting over a woman, two women fighting over a man, or one of each fighting over a duplicitous bisexual, it’s as predictable as Meredith and McDreamy ending up in bed together on the season finale of Grey’s. Plus, they have to bleep so many swear words it’s completely unintelligible unless you’re that guy on Lost who knows Morse code.

This week, I had two glimmers of hope. First, the opening case was a “Little Couple.” Yes, it was “Little People Cheaters.” Finally some retooling. They could get their own spinoff—Little People, Big Infidelity. I was depressed and needed a drink, which is how I always feel when I watch Cheaters, so I knew it was time to begin.

The first case had a few good moments that I think I can bring in, like when the client says that his cheating girlfriend threw a book at him and we see the black eye to prove it. Also, when she’s caught, she tells him that she never thought he would sink that “low.” (Hmmm…may be too subtle. Will have to see how it does in the room…)

The second case also had a good moment when the woman who thinks her boyfriend is cheating (and he is) says she will cut his (BLEEP) off. (My limited understanding of Morse code tells me she meant balls.) Then later, she actually tried to make good on her threat. Yeah, I just called this a good moment. I meant for me. Probably not for her and definitely not for him.

I’m going to bring these clips in to the meeting tomorrow and see how they do.

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