Jessica Alba, Allure Magazine

Michael Thompson for Allure Magazine

For someone not always (OK, never) seen as a serious thespian, Jessica Alba certainly has the "lady doth protest too much" routine down pat.

The 27-year-old mama-to-be attempts to set the record straight on her career priorities in the new issue of Allure: Commerce over art every time, unless there's a bikini involved.

When asked why she hasn't appeared in more independent, art-house fare, the expectant star gives a refreshingly candid answer, if not one that'll likely keep Sundance at bay for quite some time.

"To me, box office is the most important thing," she says. "If the movie makes money, then I'm fine."

You gotta give the girl some credit for honesty.

"I grew up not having a lot. I'm really happy to be making money, not depending on a man, and not having to suffer to survive in this business. Struggling is not fun. Been there, done that."

Despite her share of skimpily clad roles, Alba grouses about being objectified.

"They always play up your sexuality, because that's what gets men into the theaters," she says. "And I never really gave a s--t about all that stuff!"

Though not, it should be said, due to any prudish reservations about the topic.

"I don't think sex is a big deal. I hated the hypocrisy of it. Men can do whatever, and it's acceptable."

There again Alba is putting her money where her mouth is, possibly winning over a more feminist base, but effectively writing herself out of any future safe-sex endorsement campaigns. Not that there's any money in PSAs, anyway.

"I can't say it was a total accident, because you're aware of when you're being careful and when you're not," the knocked-up star says of the bun in her ever-expanding oven. "It just happened so soon!"

"It," of course, being her gestating celebuspawn with fiancé Cash Warren, a pregnancy that Alba is the first to admit hasn't gone entirely smoothly.

"I kicked him out, but it wasn't like that—totally. When you're pregnant, your emotions are more tense. If the shoes are in the wrong place, you kind of lose your mind. Then he just laughs, gives me a hug and tells me it's okay."

And, we'll assume, hides the bikinis.

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