Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman can stop freaking now.

After nearly two days of deliberations, a Manhattan jury today found a former mental patient guilty of stalking and harassing the Kill Bill star.

The eight-man, four-woman panel convicted Jack Jordan of stalking and aggravated harassment, but acquitted him of two other counts of second-degree aggravated harassment.

Jordan, an unemployed pool cleaner who lives with his parents, could be locked up for a year when he is sentenced next month. New York Criminal Court Judge Gregory Carro immediately ordered the defendant taken into custody for a psychiatric evaluation and he was led away in handcuffs.

"I've learned some disturbing things about this defendant during this case. I am going to remand him for a psychiatric exam," the judge said.

Jordan's attorney, George Vomvolakis. asked Carro to place his client in protective custody, noting Jordan faces "specific threats because he's a stalker...[and] was actually assaulted" in jail after his arrest.

Jordan's next court date is June 2.

Police nabbed the lovesick über-fan last October outside Thurman's Greenwich Village residence, capping a two-year span in which he bombarded the actress and her family with creepy messages, and even showed up on the SoHo set of My Super Ex-Girlfriend in what Jordan called a "clumsy" attempt to have face time with her.

Jordan, 37, had routinely phoned members of Thurman's family and once told his mom that he believed he and the actress "had a predestination to be together."

Thurman took the stand last week and said she felt "completely freaked out" by an illustrated card that featured a picture of a bride with her head hacked off and a drawing of a stick figure next to a razor blade with an arrow pointing to an open grave.

In another letter, Jordan professed his eternal love for the Oscar nominee and even threatened to kill himself if he saw her with another man.

The Maryland native admitted on the stand that he was infatuated with the statuesque 38-year-old, but he insisted he was harmless and his messages expressed "an ironic, kind of twisted sense of humor."

"It was a clumsy and poor way of expressing my emotions for her."

But Thurman's parents testified that he ignored their repeated attempts asking him to stop.

Jordan, who was involuntarily committed to a mental institution in 2005, claimed that the headless drawings were meant to be jokey references to Thurman's role as the Bride in her Kill Bill movies.

(Originally published May 6, 2008 at 8:58 a.m. PT.)

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