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Do celebrities all fly on private jets, or are those too expensive? If they fly commercial, do they get special treatment?
—Shanna, Reno

You mean when Brad Pitt flies commercial, does he get extra peanuts and free, tiny bottles of Wild Turkey? He's Brad Pitt. When he flies commercial—and he has—he gets much, much more than that.

Most A-listers prefer the hassle-free trips that only private jets can provide. But really, it varies, depending on the level of the star, the reason for the trip and the type of flight—either domestic, which tends to involve more private jets, or international, which gets more expensive and hogs more fuel, spurring many stars to opt for first-class commercial travel instead.

Some more deets—plus one glitzy tip you might be able to use—inside:

•  When Pitt recently arrived at Chicago's O'Hare airport to fly commercial, a TSA agent magically materialized to whisk him through security, A-list style. He "didn't go through general screening," an eyewitness told the Chicago Tribune. "He went through a special way."

•  Even non-A-listers get fawning treatment at airports. Joss Stone and Hayden Christensen both had airport workers personally escort them through security, according to the Trib.

•  Like other A-listers, Pitt also likes to fly on private jets. In those instances, there's no security line to deal with at all. Stars just show up to the private hangar and board their flying bubbles of fabulousness.

•  Sure, the cost starts at $2,000 an hour—and up, and up. But when you command $20 million a movie, like Pitt can, nobody cares.

•  Mariah Carey likes to fly with her Jack Russell, who's just too big to ride in a first-class cabin. up the private jet!

• Major airlines such as American have semisecret concierge services aimed specifically at movie studios and their shiny talent. The concierges slip A-listers in and out of airports, shove them through security and such. Most of these services aren't advertised, so if you have to ask for them, chances are, you don't qualify for them.

As a celebrity myself, I, of course, qualify for the VIP service. Confidential to my peeps at American Airlines: I said I like my Dom well chilled. Please make a note of it, or next time I fly to Cannes, I'll take Tom Cruise's private jet instead.

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