Such delish club cavorting and cheeky sneaky stuff to gab 'bout today, darlin's, and why's Carrie so blah? 'Cause that jerky ex Chace is pullin' his namesake with some other girl? Oh the slings 'n' arrows of young heartbreak in Hollywood, can you take it?
Jennifer Hudson

Dan Herrick/KPA-ZUMA/ZUMA Press

A slew of oozelicious celebs, including Beyoncé, Fergie and Carrie Underwood, brought cinematic song classics to life Sunday night at Condé Nast Media Group’s Movies Rock blowout. The show was too fab, with Beyoncé and Jen Hudson both belting it out the wazoo and getting standing ovations for their primo pipes.

For Fergie’s funky rendition of “Live and Let Die,” she even flew high above the stage with no safety harness, all Cirque Du Soleil-esque. Damn shame we couldn’t play slots afterward.


Michael Caulfield/

Gotta say, though, for such a tiny babe, Ms. Ef’s got some majorly danglin’ cojones to pull off that stunt. Walking wires of whatever height at the after-do over at Boulevard3, Fergie caught up with her mush-toy, Josh Duhamel. He was sharing a couch with Molly Sims when Fergie arrived, but Mr. Boyfriend quickly jumped up to give his high-flying hon a chance to cool her heels.

Just a few tables over, newly single Jennifer Morrison seemed to have found herself a new muscle package since splitting with ex-fiancé Jesse Spencer. She spent most of the night attached to a tall, handsome dude. When she spotted Quentin Tarantino holding court at a table with a blond and buxom type, Jen made a beeline to go introduce herself to the director. 

Surely, the girl’s in a Kill Somebody mood at this point, wouldn’t you guess?

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Kevin Mazur/

A most preggers J. Lo showed up later with Marc Anthony, that cater waiter she still seems to be into. Ms. Lo balanced a piled-high plate of grub on her burgeoning belly. Of course, like any fashionista, Jenny covered her flowy white Versace frock up with a napkin in case of any accidental spillage. She’s from the Bronx, remember, she’s sensible about these things.

J. Lo, who was a Rock presenter, was laughing it up with the show’s executive producers. Guess they weren’t mad that J.L. accidentally flubbed her lines during her close, oops. Jenny-poo wasn’t the only gal havin’ teleprompter probs: Kate Hudson stumbled over her words, as well.

Carrie Underwood

Rick Diamond/

Despite turning in a techno perf performance of “The Sound of Music,” Carrie Underwood didn’t seem to be in a celebratory mood. She sat at her VIP table flocked by her fam, opting not to mix ‘n’ mingle. Social activity of choice instead for Carrie? Finagling with her BlackBerry and looking bored. So Paris. Why so glum, g-friend? CU next texting, eh, love?
Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester

Tannis Toohey/Toronto Star/ZUMA Press, Eric Liebowitz /The CW

Oh, we’ve got it! Could Underwoord be bummin’ that Tony Romo was paintin’ the town with Jessica Simpson this weekend? Or that Chace Crawford was spotted lockin’ lips with his Gossip Girl costar Leighton Meester?    

That’s it, we’re sure.

Catch Movies Rock on CBS this Friday at 9 p.m.

Paris Hilton

Josephine Santos,

We interrupt this medium-interesting edition of the Awful Truth (as interrupted rippling among the young and beautiful is always worth our time, darlings, don’t you ever forget it) to let everybody who’s not hiding under a habit the size of Paris Hilton’s “reformed” ego know that the “friendship” between P and Adrian Grenier is apparently...over.

You do remember how the two of them were seen tooling around town in Adrian’s Prius, shooting footage for some “documentary” or another, and then they made late-night trips to each others' pads, right? Well, none of that questionable biz is goin’ down anymore.

Adrian Grenier

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

See, both babes hit a private house party in Bel-Air on Friday night, but they didn’t spend any time together. “He had another girl with him,” says one gategoer who saw Paris leave the bash way before Adrian. He, on the other party-tarty hand, stuck around until six ayem. In the early wee hours of the morning, Adrian was overheard trashing Paris to a new pal. Burn!
Want to know what he said? Sorry, darlings, dirty laundry’s washed on Wednesday, but it doesn’t get aired till Thursday.
Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo

Mike Kline/, George Pimentel/

The hardly new twosome of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo stepped out in Hell-Ay together Saturday night at Teddy’s. They arrived hand in hand around midnight—with Tony leading Jess—and hightailed it to a back table with Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison.

Later that night, Jess had her arms around Tony as Rihanna’s “Umbrella” played hypnotically. Musta worked, as J-babe leaned in for a kiss. Let us just tell you, girlfriend looked seriously googly eyed as she stared up at her footballin’ beau, and she didn’t seem tortured by regret in the least, as the recent cover of Us Weekly proclaims.

Jess and Tony left the club together around two ayem.

Ryan Gosling

Lisa O'Connor/

But forget those two, we’ve been tellin’ you about that romance for ages! Much more interesting, in our salty-but-love-struck opinions, was another celeb spotted at Teddy’s that same night: Ryan Gosling. This guy never used to do the whole club scene, ya know.

However, it seems he’s had a change of cocktailing heart. Last week, Gosling also hit the grand opening of Goa nightclub. We’re guessing he has some downtime since dropping out of The Lovely Bones, and with no g-f around anymore, why not hit the town?

Sly Ry looked like he lost most of the weight he had gained for the doomed pic with Peter Jackson, and he was wearing a powder blue shirt that made his peepers, among other things, pop. But the boy was on his best behavior, as he was hangin’ with BFF Zach Shields and Zach’s off-and-on g-f, Kayleen McAdams, who just happens to be Rachel McAdam’s little sis. As in Ryan’s ex g-f. So, he can’t collect too many chicks’ digits with his ex’s sister around, right? Awkward!
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