Is Toothy Tile whetting our closeted curiosities for eternity, or what? Plus, we go digging for deets on the Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell sad pet-adoption sitch and check in on Jennifer Hudson's love life and culinary cravings. Yum for the plus-size bum!
Rebecca Romijn

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When we asked Rebecca Romijn to weigh in on Iggy-gate last week at the SPCA-L.A. sponsored luncheon, we had no clue we might be opening a whole new can of Alpo. Remember how Rebecca sided with Team Ellen and vaguely referred to a “bind with a certain rescue group” that the SPCA helped her out with?

Well, we’re getting informed word that said sitch was worse than the whole Iggy fiasco. Not long ago, Rebecca and Jerry O'Connell adopted a German shepherd pup from a rescue group. These groups make routine follow-up calls to make sure everything’s running smoothly with the new pets and owners. Apparently, a month or so after getting the dog, the group called to check on the pup’s progress.

Jerry O'Connell

Jeffrey Mayer/

“Rebecca told them that the dog was sick and died,” said our canine source. “The rescue group was obviously horrified, [but] she seemed totally blasé about the incident.”

It got even uglier. Supposedly, Rebecca had signed a contract stating if there were ever a problem or illness with the dog, the rescue peeps were supposed to be called immediately—but they weren’t, so we’re told. Then, the rescuers (who, admittedly, can be wildly overzealous at times, but sometimes with good cause) demanded to get Romijn’s vet’s info. When contacted, the doggie doc refused to disclose what happened or turn over the pooch’s charts, citing doctor-patient confidentiality. Doesn’t that only apply to humans?

We contacted R.R.’s rep, who said not a lot of the above info is true:

Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell

Jeff Vespa/

“[Rebecca and Jerry] did adopt a dog and, sadly, the dog was very sick and subsequently passed away,” confirmed the Romijn spokesdude. The flack further elaborated: “Rebecca involved the SPCA in the matter, as the organization gave them a dog that was seriously ill and apparently did not have all of the proper permits. Rebecca and Jerry were heartbroken.”

When we pressed the pro mouther on what happened, and whether or not Romijn was contractually (and morally, we might add) bound to notify the rescuers they’d been given what she’s claiming was a seriously ill pet, he replied: 

"[Rebecca and Jerry] did try and get in touch with the organization, and they (the organization) refused to speak with them.  Rebecca and Jerry took the dog to six different doctors and each doctor recommended the measures."

What measures? What did the sweet pup die of? Why is the rescue saying the critter was fine, when Rebecca says it wasn’t?

"The bottom line," summed up the Romijn repper, "is this rescue group adopted out a terminally ill dog."

A spokesperson for the SPCA then contacted the Awful Truth forthwith, saying they had investigated the matter, found no wrong-doing on Rebecca and Jerry’s part, and that the matter was "closed.”

Ellen DeGeneres


Uh, don’t think so. ‘Cause, look, all we’re trying to do here is help those who help animals that would otherwise be killed by institutions—ironically, the SPCA euthanizes animals, the rescue group that Romijn originally dealt with does not, but that’s not the entire point, really. Nope, that issue would be rescue folks who volunteer their time aiding unwanted animals, and make no profit at it, say their rep is being besmirched (shades of Iggy). Rebecca—who, when we checked around, were told has a very good rep, previously, in the animal rescue world—says she’s getting the shaft here. Who the hell’s telling the truth?

Jerry, could you please put that awesomely muscled bod of yours to work here and help us out, already? 

Just wanna report Jennifer Hudson hasn’t given up her longtime boyfriend, James Peyton, or her penchant for fried fowl. We’re sure you were all losing sleep over both these potentially slippery sitches. J. Hud hit the Vacheron Constantin Platinum Excellence event Tuesday night in New Yawk, where she was performing to honor Clive Davis. And not only was James on her arm, but they canoodled inside, so don’t believe the bust-up rumors, ‘kay?
Jennifer Hudson, Kate Bosworth

Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Far more scrumptiously minded, though, were the baddies who sent in (or was it requested, we wonder?) a huge-butt bowl of chicken wings to Jennifer’s green room. Apparently, the curvy babe had a craving for some serious comfort food, instead of the fancy grub being served at the event. Love! Jennifer was also spotted chattin’ and bear-huggin’ with Kate Bosworth at the music bash. Wonder two things: Did Jen share any of her wings with Kate, and why the hell didn’t K.B. simply fall into a million little starved pieces when embraced by the Oscar-winnin’ broad? How does that emaciated woman even walk, we’d like to know.
Whitney Houston

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When the gut-belting gal took the stage, she did one song from her upcoming album, one from Dreamgirls and even one hit from Whitney Houston. “She had the crowd of 300 people roaring,“ gabbed one partyer at the rooftop performance. “You could hear her singing all the way down the elevator shaft!”

Oh, Whit-babe, better get that long, long-awaited (and overly machinated) return to the Biz in overdrive, now. Don’t want all these young babes stealin’ your comeback thunder, do ya?

Question Mark Silouette


Only a gay can write a headline like the above, okay? Got that? Now that you do (like anybody’s going to pay attention), just be forewarned our very own beloved, closeted Toothy Tile is being further advised to drop his more obviously fey outings and amigos in lieu of more hetero-sanctioned activities—and a lot of Tooth’s queer friends are mad as hell and preparing not to take it anymore! Nervous, T.T.?

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