How did Lindsay Lohan manage to hold rehabbers hostage during her dubious stint in Promises? Wonder if she’ll pull the same stunt in her latest detox center. And what special guests visited former party girl Drew Barrymore while she was hard at work here in H'wood? Plus, how TimberBiel went from posh eateries to much more pedestrian ones!
Lindsay Lohan

Jeff Vespa/

Like, all the kids and their Botoxed mamas know Lindsay Lohan is re-re-redoing rehab, quelle surprise. After all, what is rehabilitation these days but a friggin’ press release? But betcha didn’t know this little tidbit: During Ms. El’s time-before stay at plush Promises, Linds decided to throw movie night and screen her new flick I Know Who Killed Me for all her fellow rehabbers! How by-the-sea fun!
Demi Moore

Kevin Mazur/

Now, you’ve heard about this flick, right? It’s the one with the trashy-ass trailer, featuring a scantily clad L2 gyrating on a pole. She plays a stripper with amnesia or something like that, not sure, exactly. Total Oscar material, right? I mean, wasn’t Demi nominated for Striptease? Can never remember that one...
Back to the movie hostess with the mostest: Evidently, L.L.’s peers didn’t give the skin-flashin’ flick rave reviews. I’m shocked, you? Now, once you get over the little nonfamilial factoid that everything was not quite ooohs and aaahs, guess what happened next? Will not believe, trust: Dishes a sudsy source who was present at the impromptu test screening, “Afterward, [Lindsay] made everyone sit in a circle and say what they thought, one at a time.”
I Know Who Killed Me

Tracy Bennett/TriStar Pictures

No merde. Talk about out-and-out cruelty, eh? I mean, you take somebody off drugs, booze, dope and all substances that visiting stylists, trainers and publicists can’t manage to sneak to their notorious clients, and then you force that person to not only watch an apparently dog-butt movie but play film critic afterward? Gosh, why not make the other rehabbers give Lindsay driving tips while they’re at it? Result:  “Everyone was just like, ‘Um, it’s not my kind of movie,’ and didn’t say much.”
Gosh, awkward, much? Wonder if the legit reviewers and moviegoing masses will feel diff about this latest stellar Lohan cinematic effort? Somehow, we think not, but here’s hoping LiLo’s latest attempt isn’t a complete clunker. We’d hate to think all those hours spent at slut-swinging classes were a complete waste of Linds-doll’s time.
Drew Barrymore

John Sciulli/

Congrats to Drew Barrymore! Girlfriend just finished shooting her CoverGirl campaign here in Hell-Ay. We hear Drew was a complete doll on set and supersweet to worker bees and bigwigs alike. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the former wild child, really, would you? Ms. Bee was overheard gushing how excited she was to be the face of the cosmetics line.
Cameron Diaz

Kevin Mazur/

“I’ve been waiting my entire life to say these words!” Drew said, after uttering the “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…CoverGirl” tagline. D.B. also had a few high-profile visitors to the set during the three days of shooting. Blondie BFF Cameron Diaz came by to kick it and grub on the gratis catering provided.
Spike Jonze

Steve Granitz/

But entirely more interesting was another visitor: Spike Jonze. Yeppers, the director-producer dude Drew was linked to awhile back stopped by—two days in a row, mind you—and the two sweetie-sultry exes were mucho affectionate. According to saliva witnesses, D 'n' S were making out right in front of everyone—get a trailer, you two!

Seems this couple is totally still going strong...'cause come on, now, if your bigwig boyf takes time out from directing Where the Wild Things Are to come visit you on a friggin’ makeup shoot, that’s a serious sitch-o-la. Right? Regardless, best of luck, you two...we hope Spike’s gotta cute guy Cam can date, too!   

Minnie Driver

Michael Caulfield/

Minnie Driver, strolling in Sausalito Sunday afternoon with her two bitches. Walking her tiny little canine, M-hon looked stunning, accompanied by a scrumptious Billy Ray Cyrus look-alike (the new and much improved BRC). Going for the Saint-Tropez look in his white linens, Minnie’s man looked fairly young, perhaps in his early 30s. Strictly arm candy or maybe more? “She was smiling...but there was no contact between them, just walking side by side. She looked happy though—I'm guessing it had to be a boy-toy,” said one near-mush-witness. One couple definitely more than just bump buddies are...
Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

Steve Granitz/, Lisa O'Connor/

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, spotted dining this past Saturday in Studio City at the local California Pizza Kitchen. The duo received no star treatment and waited in line like everyone else for a table. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t open the restaurant yourself, huh, J.T.? A fellow grubber said they were both very nice to fans as J.Timb made his way to the bathroom, leaving a lonely Jess to text away on her cell. Taking a tip from this on-the-move couple was once again...
Minnie Driver

Harold Cunningham/

Minnie Driver, slumming it on a Southwest flight from Burbank to Oakland this past Friday. Ms. Min was greeted—love it!—by the same smokin’-hot dude! Looking good herself, M.D. was picked up from baggage claim by a guy rockin’ some chin-length hair, who was accompanied by his young son. “There's definitely something cooking between Ms. Driver and the man,” said Desk Luggage. “And she was also really chummy with his son, who was quite engaged with her as well.” Guess it’s romance after all. On the other, less rocky coast, at a special screening held down in Miami of the upcoming hilar movie Superbad, stars...
Michael Cera

Alexandra Wyman/

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera came out to answer some audience Q’s. Regal South Beach. Cera was looking a tad skinny but still doable (you’d forget he’s only 19). Hill was a bit late, apologizing and dropping F-bombs, in the funny way natch. Costars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and SNLer Bill Hader also showed up. Hader turned “three shades of green” after one horny gal asked if they were gonna go searchin’ for “some Miami poon” after the meet-and-greet was over. Wonder if Brandon Davis left any to be had.
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