Paris and her new pet play in Malibu while Lindsay keeps it Pure post-Promises; plus, who Hilary and Haylie Duff are (or aren't) dating, the chances on Andy Roddick coming to a theater near you and how the Grey's Anatomy set is doing this season!

Note: Ted C. is traveling until Friday, so today’s column is penned by Cristina Gibson.

Nothing says summer quite like a celeb-spiked beach fete and freebie fest at a Malibu oceanfront pad. Such was the scene Saturday afternoon at jewelry line Lia Sophia's Clambake, goin’ down at the Polaroid Beach House in the 'Bu.
Paris Hilton

Andrade, Jones,

The Polaroid pad is just two doors down from Paris Hilton’s summer share, so she sauntered over, with her new teacup Yorkie, Cinderella, in tow. Two questions: Where the hell is Tinkerbell these days, and why can’t Paris think of more creative names? Back in 2005, she named a ferret Cinderella—probably long since forgotten.

“It’s so f--king beautiful out!” Paris declared to a group of pals, before plopping herself down in the sand. She was also overheard saying she’d been “chilling” and “laying low,” yet in the same sentence talked about going to Les Deux the night before and staying out “until the morning.” Honey, if that's chilling, I’d hate to see your idea of partying.

Amaury Nolasco

Paul Fenton/

The sometimes puffin’ P chatted up Prison Break’s Amaury Nolasco, who was there with Marc Anthony’s ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, telling A.N. she “loved him on the show.” Wonder if Paris became a Prison fan after her own incarceration at Lynwood? Inside the bash, the recently released gal eschewed all the Svedka cocktails being offered, sticking to H2O and smoothies. She did, however, chow down on the corn on the cob and luscious lobster tails being served...sure beats jail food, right?
Luke Wilson

Jeff Vespa/

Other attendees, like the litigating Samantha Ronson and a scruffy and single Luke Wilson, hung on the patio, soakin’ up the sun and enjoying the deejay’s beats. Out in the backyard, party peeps could get their locks styled by Garnier or protect their punims with Clinique sunblock. Jesse Metcalfe tried on some pricey baubles from Lia Sophia and posed for pics, but here’s hoping he didn’t take them home...guess no one told him their jewelry is strictly for the chickies.
Lindsay Lohan

Jeff Vespa/

Since the Polaroid house isn’t too far from Promises, we thought Lindsay Lohan might swing through. After all, she made quite a splash at the same soiree last year. But it seems Sin City was beckoning to the rehabilitated babe—Linds made a surprise late-night visit instead to Pure for a friend’s birthday bash. Inside the nightclub, L.L. hung out with Lauren and Whitney from The Hills and Criss Angel, who dated Cameron Diaz a few months ago. Sources say the two even left together after closing time.
Criss Angel

Jamie McCarthy/

Now, The Hills honeys, we can approve of. They seem like good enough girls, and perhaps they’ll be a positive influence on our little Linds. But Criss Angel, we just cannot abide. First off, the dude’s fugly, and second, he’s got major divorce drama goin’ down. Stay far away, Linds!
Brody Jenner

Seth Browarnik/

Almost forgot to mention: Accompanying Lauren and Whitney at Pure Saturday night was D-list serial dater extraordinaire Brody Jenner and his promoter/hanger-on friend, Frankie Delgado, who’s been linked to Hilary Duff lately. People have also been speculating that Hil’s sis, Haylie, is dating Brody. Now, while the boys were in Vegas, tryin’ to get more camera time, the Duff sisters were hangin’ at the Playboy Mansion. Hil and Haylie—honorees at Much Love Animal Rescue’s Bow Wow Wow fundraiser—vehemently denied the dalliances.
Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff

John Shearer/

“They’re, like, our closest friends,” scoffed Haylie, when asked about the possible romances. “No, it’s not true,” Hil added, for good measure.

Think these gals are playin’ coy or what? 'Course, we can’t really blame them for not wanting to be linked to the publicity-hungry dudes. Hint to Hil: Don’t walk out of dinner hand in hand with a guy in front of the paparazzi if you don’t want people thinkin’ it’s love. Ka-peesh?

Sara Ramirez

Alexandra Wyman/

Sara Ramirez was also quick with a diplomatic answer when asked how things were back on Grey’s Anatomy, which began production again last week. “It’s great,” she bubbled. “Everything’s great! The energy’s good, and everyone’s excited to be back at work.” Everyone except Isaiah, that is, who wasn’t asked to return to the set. But he just signed on with NBC, guesting in their new fall series Bionic Woman, so that should keep him busy.
Grey's Anatomy: Kate Walsh

ABC/Karen Neal

Sara had just come from castmate Kate Walsh’s engagement party and said there would definitely be a bachelorette party, but she was short on details. Could a Grey’s cast trip to Chippendales be in the works?
Andy Roddick

Kevin Mazur/

Now, on to someone equally droolworthy: Andy Roddick! We gossip girls at the Awful Truth can’t get enough A-Rod in our lives, you?

Let’s rewind back to Matt Leinart’s Bowling with the Stars fundraiser for a bit, where we chatted up the adorable tennis star to see if he plans to go all Venus 'n' Serena on us and try out his thespian chops. “I did acting,” A.R. 'fessed. “I did Saturday Night Live, and for me, I think it’s downhill from there. So, I don’t think I’ll be pursuing that anytime soon. I thought it was great; I just didn’t think I was very good at it.”

Just like his bud Matt, Andy also claimed he had zero game off the court way back when. “It’s tough to pick,” he replied to our worst-you’ve-struck-out-dating Q. “High school was a little tough, but I got better at tennis, and that helped.”
Maria Sharapova

Jerod Harris/

Got you a few dates with Maria Sharapova, didn’t it, doll? Andy told us he’s now seeing someone from back home, which happens to be Austin, Texas. Inside, he was hangin’ with a hot blonde, so maybe that was the gal? Lucky lady!
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