Is Nicole Richie expecting? And while Nic could be preggers and gaining, Michael Moore is losing something other than his spot on Larry King to Paris Hilton...weight! Plus, the BET awards and our bad-ass Blind Vice!


Oh, darlings, today’s Blind Vice is particularly greasy, so don’t you dare peep at the Blind Spot unless you’re really prepared to, uh, go there.
Nicole Richie

Eric Charbonneau/

And since Nicole Richie’s been absent, pretty much, and seen going to the doc's office, everybody’s been gossing and wondering if she’s preggers or not. No word so far from official Camp Richie à la the spokespeeps, but I’m hearing from one of N.R.’s tightest buds (think rich, horribly mannered and not exactly a catch) that the superskinny sasser is, indeed, preggers.

True, Nic-doll? We’re simply dying to know! ‘Cause we’re, like, aching for somebody else to gab ‘bout other than your Simple Life sistah!

Beyonce Knowles
The BET Awards took place in Hell-Ay Tuesday, and the scene there was total chaos. All the artists rolled up with their 20-person entourages and seemed in quite the hurry to get inside. Beyoncé showed up ready to strut her curvy stuff, but I must say, she looked more like a Stepford Wife than a human being. B. had each pose down pat as if she were some kind of diva machine. Fellow Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly and Michelle joined her for some pics, and Kelly looked divine stealing the spotlight. Quotes coming Monday—I’ve got far saltier crap to hit first. Read on:
Michael Moore

Hal Horowitz/

A most eclectic corral came out Tuesday night for the premiere of Sicko, Michael Moore’s new doc job about the health-care crisis in our country. We’re having one, right? Hard to tell with everything P. Hilton 24/7. Everyone from John Cusack to Kim Kardashian (I think she got lost on her way to Hyde) showed up to see Mikey’s new medically minded offering.
As for the criticisms PETA made—that M2’s too overweight and unhealthy himself to be making a flick about health care—he’s apparently seen the light. Michael dished to reporters that since he made the movie, he's been exercising and taking long walks, plus “eating these things called fruits and vegetables.” The overweight 'n’ outspoken dude claims he has lost 30 pounds and “feels great.” Like that’s gonna get guerilla PETA types off his lard ass, but whatev.
Larry King, Paris Hilton

Kyle Christy/CNN

Of course, we also had to ask M.M. how he felt about being booted from his scheduled spot Wednesday night on Larry King Live. As we all know, Mikey was bumped to make room for Paris’ postprison chat.

“There’s never been a greater honor in my life than to be replaced by Paris Hilton,” he said semiseriously/semisarcastically. “You think I’m kidding, but I’m serious. Thank you, Larry!”

Pharrell Williams

Jeff Vespa/

At this point in our chat, Pharrell Williams interrupted to introduce himself to Michael and to declare him “a genius.” Props from one of hip-hop’s biggest producers? That’s hot! A lot of Hollywood did not, however, think it was hot that the Hilton heiress took Mikey’s place.
“I didn’t know that, but that’s kind of obscene,” sniffed Rex Lee.
“I think that’s just wrong,” Kelly Carlson quasi-fumed. “I can’t believe more people are interested in seeing Paris Hilton than Michael Moore and hearing about the health-care crisis.”
Olivia Wilde

Glenn Weiner/

Olivia Wilde certainly could. “I mean, are you surprised?” she asked. “I’m not. Maybe Paris will go and talk about the prison situation and inmates’ health...but Michael Moore could be going to jail, too, for going to Cuba [he films some of Sicko there]. Only jailbirds allowed on Larry King!” she joked.
Also funny yet frightening was Olivia-doll's story when asked about her own worst medical experience, a query I just had to throw in. “I got tonsillitis in Fiji, and instead of penicillin they gave me morphine!” she exclaimed. “I wouldn’t exactly call it a nightmare, but it was interesting.”
Bet Courtney Love would have killed for an appointment with that doc, huh?
Josh Brolin

Glenn Weiner/

Josh Brolin posed for pics without his wifey, Diane Lane, who hasn’t been seen in public with him for friggin’ eons. Can you two just announce your split? Clearly, they seem separated, though their fabulously highlighted publicist, Kelly Bush, insists to moi they’re not. And I’m a real blonde.
Diane Kruger, on the other hairy hand, was there and firmly attached to her boyf, Josh Jackson, who looks most hunklicious these days.
Dave Navarro

Jemal Countess/

Speaking of doable, Kelly Carlson isn’t diddling Dave Navarro, or so she blabs. “No, we’re just friends!” she swore, when we asked if the romance rumors are true. Amigos without benefits, I’m sure.
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