While John Mayer cleans up oh so nicely in New Yawk, President Bush misfires (shocker!) with Queen Elizabeth II. Plus, the deets on where Laura’s shackin' up these days, a former White House woman out and about Tinseltown and our prickly, badass Blind Vice!
“She’s still there.”
Laura Bush

Remi Ochlik/Maxppp/ZumaPress.com

That's my erstwhile, crackerjack (not cracked out) Desk DeeCee, regarding Laura Bush's escape from the White House to the posh Hay-Adams, due to Dubya's excessive drinking. Just didn't want anybody to be fooled, since L. showed up at 1600 Pennsylvania (as she still does during office hours) to help G.W.B. host the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.
And not to be a bitchy queen myself or anything, but I'm here to report that Desk Throne Room (yes, I actually have one, I kid you not, and I don't mean my cat Butch's litter box) tells me—quelle friggin' surprise—that Liz didn't exactly take to our current prez.
Queen Elizabeth II

Anwar Hussein/WireImage.com

"Horrified," was the kindest reaction I could ferret out from my Buckingham Palace insiders, regarding Missus Windsor's interactions with the bumbling chief of state, who took potshots, in case you hadn't heard, at the British monarch's age.
Oh, and not to be ageist myself or an 80-proof-snoop or anything, but did you all notice the size of the royal-razzing prez's double chin these days? What's causin' that, baby—high-caloric highballs or somethin'?
Monica Lewinsky


Monica Lewinsky, texting up a storm. Massimo in the Hills of Bev on Saturday night. Bill Clinton's former cigar chica was actually looking "quite beautiful" in a black satin billowy top, according to surprised witnesses. Mon-hon was posted at the bar, waiting for her female dinner date and giving her thumbs a workout. "She looked like she felt very conspicuous," adds my finger-licking' looky-loo. Being perfectly patient in another city was...
Matthew Lillard

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press.com

Matthew Lillard, havin' a fam meal in New Orleans. Cafe Rani on Magazine Street. Matty was noshing with his wifey and two cutie-pie daughters—in matching sundresses, nonetheless. The Scooby-Doo star was sippin' on a Bloody Mary in between bites of his omelet and melon. "The service was extra slow," say fellow forkers, "but he was a good tipper." Wonder if the same can be said for...
Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey

Mary J. Schilpp/WireImage.com

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, havin' a gloves-free bite. Sunday night at Social House in Sin City after the De La HoyaMayweather match. The funny twosome grubbed on sushi, sashimi and miso soup, post-fightin', and then partying at Pure. Jenny and Jimmy hung out on the VIP stage on their private bed, but kept things strictly PG-13, according to my source. "Not too much PDA," they blab, "but they acted like a happy couple." Good luck, you little amour babes!
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