From Courteney ‘n’ David to Jen ‘n’ her shadow, let’s check in on the babes Brad used to (privately) bitch ‘bout so much. Plus, Lindsay Lohan’s rep precedes her, how unusual!
Jennifer Aniston, David Arquette, Courteney Cox

Jeff Vespa/

David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston stepped out Wednesday a cemetery?

Sounds weird, I know, but David’s new movie The Tripper (which D.A. wrote and directed) was being screened at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Said scary spot sounds perf to premiere a horror job, right? The carpet even had ghoulish-looking characters roaming it to complete the ambience, and I ain’t talkin’ about Alexis Arquette.  

In contradiction to the hideous rumors that their marriage is on the rocks, Court ‘n’ Davey looked happy and relaxed together as they posed for pics and held hands.  

David Arquette

Alexandra Wyan/

“It was the greatest,” Dave-doll said of directing his possibly too-svelte wife-unit, who has a cameo in the flick. “I love working with Courteney at every turn.” 

I was curious about another project they collaborated on together: that FX show of theirs about toiling at the tabs, which peeps seem to love or ignore. Some insiders predict the boob-tube offering is getting a DNR.  

“What’s the dirt on Dirt?” I grilled David, channeling my inner Lucy Spiller.

“It’s interesting, because a lot of people love the show,” he started. “If people write to FX or send emails, it means a ton. If you wanna see the show again, you should write. But I think it will [be back].” 

Sounds suspicious, no? This goss girl will, nevertheless, be getting out her stamps and scented stationary, that’s fer sure (quite unlike C. Gibson, who loathes the show, heaven knows why).

Jennifer Aniston

Jeff Vespa/

Oh yeah, and as for Jen A. (who recently had a cameo on Dirt where she kissed Court with the same smooch style I used to use on my Aunt Lois), she skipped the carpet altogether. In a darting swoosh, clad in a snug wool turtleneck, Ms. A. ducked into the dead resting place after us press peeps had departed. May she rest in fleece.
Rosario Dawson

Nancy Kaszerman/

Rosario Dawson, taking five outside Pete’s Café and Bar. Daring Dublin. The single Grindhouse gal, clad in jeans and white blouse, was typing so veddy furiously on her BlackBerry Saturday night...just missin’ her mama or perhaps a little late-night booty call, Rosie? Less manic, just as vampin’, was...
Penelope Cruz

Rena Durham/

Penélope Cruz, playing photog on the set of her brother’s shoot for Interview mag. Wearing jeans and a sex-ay stringy top, Cruz was “so cute and very friendly,” reports Desk Penny, and seemed to have a genuine knack for photography. Is there anything this chica can’t do?  Also admiring his Latina lovelies was...
Matt Damon

Jamie McCarthy/

Matt Damon, taking a mornin’ stroll near the Four Seasons in Bev Hills. In tow were his wife of more than two years, Luciana Barroso, and their bouncin’ baby girl, Isabella. Matt-hon, ever the doable nerd, donned a white, short-sleeve shirt and trademark nerdy specs, while Isabella sported a “Suri-ish” coiffure, said well-heeled observers nearby, of thick dark hair—how locks-luscious! Enjoy runnin’ your digits through your dame’s 'do, Matty?
Rachel Weisz

Nancy Kaszerman/

Remember that item we ran on Rachel Weisz threatening to walk on Mummy 3 ‘cause of a crummy script, while Brendan Fraser was gunning for a gonzo paycheck? 'Course, both actors’ reps told me no such sequel discussions were in the works at that time.
Brendan Fraser

Universal Studios

Well, two months later, Thursday’s Variety announces Weisz has, indeed, dropped out of talks, while Brendan has happily signed on the dotted line for a fat-ass paycheck.
Hats off to Rach for being perfectly picky after winning an Oscar...Perhaps she could give some advice to Hilary Swank?
Perry Tyler

Eric Charbonneau/

And speaking of past items revisited, just had to tell you all that Britney’s former manny Perry Taylor is back in action (as I’m sure you’re aware) and being employed as a bod-guard for Paris Hilton. These two good-looking gazelles have lots of common interests...Bet they’re getting along just peachy-keen!
Christine Lakin

Camilla Zenz/

Oh, also out and about at that cemetery gig we began with was Christine Lakin. She recently worked with not one, but two of Hollywood’s hot-ass honeys, so I had to get the scoop on that.

“Lindsay was great,” Christine said of her Georgia Rule costar, the infamous partyer Ms. Lohan. “The days that we were working together, she couldn’t have been any better. We were in the middle of nowhere—it was dusty; it was smoky; I was crying because I was allergic to the trees.” 

Lindsay Lohan

Dan Herrick/

So, perhaps the asthma excuses were partially legit? Chris also told me that L2’s character attempts to take her out with a truck in one scene.  

“Her character tries to run me over with a truck,” she ‘splained. “Her stunt double did a lot of that stuff, even though it was scary as hell, ‘cause I didn’t get a stunt double.”

The former Step by Step star totally perked up when I asked her about Paris, whom she stars with in The Hottie and the Nottie.

Paris Hilton

Barry King/

“I think people are going to be really surprised,” Ms. El gushed. “[Paris] took it very seriously, and from the time that I signed on, we were going to see a very well known acting coach in town, and she was reading the book, and she really studied for, like, a month. She definitely works a lot harder than people give her credit for.” 

Paris sang the same serious actress tune to yours truly a while back, but I think I’ll reserve judgment till I see this cinematic masterpiece for myself.

Djimon Hounsou

Darby Shaw/

Djimon Hounsou, ruling the lobby of Santa Monica’s Shutters, the chic ocean-side inn where stars who usually want to be a little less noticed (à la Jude Law during one of his last attempts to reconcile with Sienna Miller—yeah, right!) often prefer to sleep ‘n’ strut. And strutting is quite what the hunky Blood Diamond dude was doing near the bar, letting all the gaga gals drool at his taut, sizeable booty, visible clearly in Hounsou’s thin track pants. And if you weren’t noticing those babies jiggling away, Djimon-doll’s booming voice to his female and older male companions sure did the rest o’ the celebrity trick. Far less noticeable nearby, on his way to brunch at a nearby Santa Monica coffee shop was...
Greg Germann

Jerome Ware/

Greg Germann, with family-unit (who knew the quirky guy was such a breeder?), grabbing some early ayem java time, all bright ‘n’ cheery in khaki, possibly even looking something close to normal, unlike G2’s Desperate Housewives boob-tube persona. Dripping with sex like Greg does nasally affectation was model mama...
Carol Alt

Nancy Kaszerman/

Carol Alt, back at Shutters, having a drink in the lobby with her hubby and giving a B-day prezzie to her young son in the process. Dressed to thrill in slinky black, guess this babe still knows how to please all the men in her life, huh?
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