Jeez, which network nelly's the lastest to think his (or her) prime-time poop doesn't stink? So predictable, I mean, what the hell did Star  Jones-Reynolds start, already? Regardless, get ready for Friday's Blind Vice! Plus, Rose McGowan's off-camera pot-stirring continues...
Robert Rodriguez

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Oh, before we get to this week's bad-mouthed Blind biz, let's check back in on Rose McGowan, the temptress with the mostest these days. Yesterday, we gave notice that rumors are a-floatin' that R. and her directorial dude, Robert Rodriguez—who just guided Rose in Grindhouse, in more ways than double—are engaged to be married. This, despite the fact that Rodriguez is still married to Elizabeth Avellan. To be absolutely correctamundo, though, should let everybody know that the former two spouses, who have about 256,000 kiddos between them, are separated.
Grindhouse: Rose McGowan

Dimension Films

"Between us—and off record," whispered a nameless bigwig who's closer to Rose than I am to my boyfriend's cute li'l cheeks (well, almost), "[Rodriguez and McGowan] are seeing each other—but not engaged."

Hmmm. Is it just a matter of time before that prenuptial state of affairs takes place? Maybe just as soon as R2 is fully extricated from his current union? Just a hunch, that's all.

Actually, maybe it's all more than a hunchy-wunchy, 'cause the news that R.M. was engaged came via the hairdresser's (I'm not saying which one, or whose)—and I'm sorry, when goss flies via the big-mouth 'n' blow-dry crowd, doll-hons, it's almost always gold. Almost.

This one of those times? Do tell, Rosey and Robbie!

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