Did you know Andy Dick got too touchy-feely with another femme before the Ivanka Trump incident on Jimmy Kimmel's show? We’ve got the dirty deets of randy Andy’s other recent removal! And what's got Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s and Britney Spears’ ex men acting the fools?
Andy Dick

Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

I’m sure you all heard about Andy Dick's antics on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week. Andy apparently got too touchy-feely with Ivanka Trump, who was also a guest that night (and was carried offstage by security peeps). Now, if you were getting your beauty sleep when said silliness went down, it’s all over YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
Ivanka Trump

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMApress.com

But what’s far more fascinating to moi is this little tidbit: The televised touching of Ms. Trump was actually the second time that week Andy had gotten the boot for inappropriate touching. Late last week, Mr. Dick made an appearance at the grand opening of Trifecta, an upscale lounge in downtown Hell-Ay, who knew? I’m told he brought along his son Lucas, who actually seems well adjusted and normal compared to his kooky dad.

Leah Turner

Jerome Ware/ZUMApress.com

Anyhow, Andy was chatting with Leah Turner, a pretty young music gal, when he suddenly hauled off and touched her ta-tas! The violated vixen’s b-f happens to be the GM of the place, and—needless to say—Mr. Big Shot was less than thrilled with Dick’s unwanted advances. Andy was promptly escorted out of said soiree by security dudes. What is this guy’s prob? Didn’t he learn to keep his hands to himself in kindergarten? Besides, if he was gonna grope someone, I’d have guessed it’d be a below-the-belt brush on a member of the same sex, not busty babes...you?

Oh, and if you really do want to know what the whatever Andy’s got on his noodle when he pulls these stunts, you’re outta luck. A call and an email to Andy’s rep asking for comment produced nada. No response. Which says a lot, if you think about it.
Stockard Channing

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Stockard Channing, brunette locks hiding her Emmy-winning puss, shopping for low-fat everything at Gelson’s, WeHo. Obvs. The dietary plan works well for the shortish dame, who was tucked snugly into gray workout gear (nice li'l firm yet supple bum, I might add) and not too much face paint, if any at all. Showing more product on his punim was…
Matt Leinart

Paul Fenton/ZUMApress.com

Matt Leinart, getting a facial from Lab Series skin-care peeps. The Sprint Style Villa in South Beach, Super Bowl weekend. Manly Matt was complaining of “clogged pores,” if you can friggin’ believe it, and was much obliged to let the experts masque up his mug. Also enjoying the puss pampering was the well-lubricated…
A.J. DiScala

Lester Cohen/WirEImage.com

A.J. Discala, feelin’ no pain at the same swanky gift suite. Seems he’s taken the news that ex-wifey Jamie-Lynn Sigler is movin’ in with new b-f Scott Sartiano badly. “He was wasted...embarrassingly so,” reports my dermatologically distressed witness. “He was yelling, ‘I got a facial!’ ” Another sassin’ single dude was...

Kevin Federline

Chris Weeks/WireImage.com

Kevin Federline, flyin’ through the same swag suite. K-Fed was with three model-esque chicks, but they were hostesses hired by the Style Villa to show peeps round the joint. I’m told Kevin was swarmed by media and strains of Justin Timberlake’s music being played by the deejay and made a quick exit—but not before groveling with vendors for extra goodies.

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