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Teresa in Miami: Kristin, who cares about Dan and Serena kissing? Give us some news on whether Chuck or Nate or anyone will be gay on Gossip Girl!
I've heard of no plans to have any of the characters we know come out or even dabble in the second season—well, aside from little Eric van der Woodsen, por supuesto, who I'm told will have a love interest or two. Still, if the book series is any indication, Gossip will be getting gayer by the season, according to Penn Badgley. "By the end of the series, I think they got so bored writing the same things for 12 years, they were like, 'Let's just make 'em all gay,' " Penn says. "Chuck ends up gay and has a monkey on his shoulder that dresses in similar outfits." Oooh, please tell me that's true on the show, too.

Molly in Nebraska: Please tell me Mike will be back on Desperate Housewives. I can't find the answer anywhere! Also, is Niki back on Heroes? Those are two of my favorite TV people and no one seems to know if they'll be back.
Keep reading to the spoiler section!

J in NYC: There are new photos of Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys and Will Estes at a recent event. Does this mean that Will Estes has been cast as the newest Walker brother, Ryan? Please say that it's so!

Will Estes


I wish it were (I love him, too), but a source who works for the show tells me: "Will Estes is not Ryan. He and Dave are good friends. He's been on set a few times to visit." Awww, Reunion reunion! Good times. An ABC rep tells me casting for the big Ryan Walker role hasn't yet begun, so sit tight and comment below with any further recommendations.

Ron in Memphis, Tenn.: How many episodes of Burn Notice are we being blessed with this summer?
The second-season order is for 16 episodes, but when I talked to Matt Nix last week I was surprised to learn that the season is being split in two. The first nine episodes premiere July 10 and run through September 18 (with preemptions on Aug. 28 and Sept. 9 to make room for the U.S. Open), and then the final seven premiere in January 2009. I'm kind of thrilled to hear that I get Michael and Fiona back this winter to warm me when it's cold. Your take?

Rachel in Charleston, S.C.: Check out the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog page; there is an awesome trailer! I love Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion! Brilliant!
I love them all. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will be divided into three parts, and part one premieres July 15, which is Jen's birthday and the day after my wedding anniversary, so we've decided it's a present Joss didn't know he was giving us. Anyway, if you haven't already enjoyed the trailer 27 times in a row, check it out below:

Mark in Massapequa, N.Y.: Monk is coming back in three weeks! How will they be handling Stanley Kamel's passing? 
When the show returns, weeks will have passed since we last saw Monk, and he is very much reeling (as are we) from the death of his therapist, but he will be shopping around for a new one, and Hector Elizondo is set to take Dr. Kroger's place. We'll also get another CBS vet in the premiere: Brad Garrett is helping Monk with his new home, and not that you would ever believe this about Brad Garrett, but there's something a little off about him.

Pasha: Kristin, don't know if you've seen, but we're trying to get Tim Minear's The Inside released on DVD and Blu-ray. Could you spread the word?
Consider it spread! If you want to join the campaign to get Tim Minear's The Inside available for purchase at a Best Buy near you, check out the Inside Out site!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Nelli in Dallas: I want to know where Mike is on Desperate Housewives! Please tell me he isn't gone for good?
He's not gone for good! He's in the season premiere and looks to be sticking around. I'm told Mike and Susan have joint custody of their son M.J. and that they seem to see each other quite frequently.

Tessa in Kansas City, Mo.: Kristin, will Ali Larter definitely be back on Heroes this season? Last we saw her she was in an explosion, if I remember correctly.
Ali is definitely still a part of Heroes. Niki Sanders, not so much, but Ali will stick around and conjure up a whole new personality we haven't yet seen before for season three: Tracy Strauss. (Something tells me she'll be hot, blond and look like that chick who once wore a whipped-cream bikini for Dawson Leery.) Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I'm hitting the set tomorrow to interview a few of the castmembers, so if you have Q's for the Heroes cast, I know a secret place you can hide them: (I'm not sure who'll be there, but I know Zach and Milo will be.)

Drew in Montana: Give up some goods on Heroes! What's next for my favorite, Matt?
He's going to end up in the desert with a horse with no name...and a tortoise. Believe it or not, I'm serious about the desert and the tortoise part. Matt's storyline is about to get über-trippy!

Zachary Levi

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Will in Hope, Ark.: Anything on my boy Chuck?
Apparently rabid gamers Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez have finally gotten to the writers and succeeded in getting their hobby written into a storyline outside of Buy More: In episode five, "Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer," Chuck helps a Japanese videogame inventor named Maury Moto who dabbled in industrial espionage and is now in a bad-guy-related bind.

Conrad in Eugene, Ore.: Please give me some goods on Reaper. It's the best show on TV. You know that, right?
That show is made of all kinds of awesome. I'm hearing that we're going to get some hot new females to keep our boys occupied in the coming season. The first newbie is Kristen, a beautiful Asian-American girl who is Sock's new step-sister (remember his mama got married?) and who will drive Sock insane with her lack of clothing and insistence on practicing her massage techniques. The other new girl is Nina, a demon who falls for Ben (and has a stunningly beautiful human form) and ultimately starts having feelings for Sam (and could prove very helpful to him). Andi, time to put your main on a leash, girlfriend.

Jaritza in Caguas, Puerto Rico: What is the scoop on Pushing Daisies season two?
You bee people are going to love the ep "bzzzz," which is set at a Burt's Bees-esque company where Chuck goes to work after the founder names her essay "Why I Love Bees" the winner of a contest. I also hear the season premiere is all about a circus. Whee!

John in Philadelphia: What's in store for Don and Charlie next season on Numb3rs?
They're breaking up the band—but just for a bit. In an upcoming episode, Don, Larry and Amita work on a case without Charlie, who is preoccupied with a separate investigation...Yay, Don can get to know his future sister-in-law better. (OK, that last part is wishful thinking, but work with me here.)

Christy in Seaford, Del.: What's coming up on the new season of The Closer?
It's all in the family over at The Closer: We'll soon be introduced to Detective Sanchez's brother and Detective Tao's wife. Unfortunately, tragedy soon befalls one of those two families...

Wentworth Miller

Jeffrey Mayer/

Danikka in Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.: Have you got any scoop on Prison Break?
How cool is this? I'm hearing that this season, the boys will be staging a break-in (instead of breakout, see). Word is, they're trying to get into a building owned by the Treasury Department, and I'm guessing it has something to do with taking down the Company, which is their ticket to unconditional freedom, offered by government agent Michael Rapaport. Let's just hope they don't forget about Sucre down in Sona!

Kim in Irvine, Calif.: Secret Diary of a Call Girl should really be an hour! How come it's not longer?
That's what she said! (Me love you long time, Michael Scott.) And don't worry, they're jamming in plenty: Hannah gets a girlfriend, but stop thinking dirty! It's just for a job, but she does become friends with the other girl—until she steals Belle's favorite regular. I hate when that happens.

Jennifer in Columbia, S.C.: Any Swingtown news? I'm surprisingly hooked, and you haven't dished any on it!
I've got two words for ya: Key. Party. You saw it in The Ice Storm and that episode of Cold Case, and now it's coming to Swingtown. Also, I'm hearing that our girl Trina has become semipermanently queasy—which can only mean one thing...

Courtney in Cocoa Beach, Fla.: Thanks for getting me hooked on My Boys. Now what secrets can you tell me?
In the next ep, called "Spit Take," airing this Thursday, July 3, Bobby gets engaged! Yep, and not only is Bobby getting engaged to Andy's hot Swedish nanny, Elsa, but P.J. is confessing to Brando that she invited Bobby to Italy. Aaah!

David Duchovny, Californication

Randy Tepper/Showtime

Laura in Pittsburgh: Anything good on Californication?
Just finished watching season one on DVD, and it's a hell of a showcase for Duchovny, isn't it? I love Hank Moody's dysfunctional little family...Anyway, I don't want to give too much away, but Hank might have something in common with Xander Harris and George O'Malley: yep, the funny syphilis.

Miranda in Sioux Falls, S.D.: Is there any new scoop on Ghost Whisperer?
I just talked to J. Love Hew., and she says that season four is all about possession. This season is going to be especially dark and morbid, and apparently demonic forces will possess many of Grand View's still-living citizens—and maybe the town itself...

Sally in New Hampshire: Kristin, how about some CSI: Miami love? How will they get out of the Horatio "death" storyline?
As I mentioned when it happened, David Caruso isn't going anywhere (duh), and I hear the resolution in the season premiere will have something to do with the big H (not to be confused with hemorrhoids) staging his own death so he can figure out what is going on with all the deadly bullets flying around.

Keleigh in Maryville, Tenn.: I am a huge One Tree Hill fan! I was wondering if you had any scoop on what is happening next season.
We'll be meeting Denice, Quentin's "strong and protective" mom. Definitely more with the parents this year! And yes, Brooke's mom will be back, too. Run for cover.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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