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Dear Kristin,

I just looked at NBC's newly released fall schedule and they scheduled Chuck at the exact same time as Gossip Girl: Mondays at 8 p.m.! That means that we fans of the great and powerful Schwartz must choose between the deliciously addictive Gossip Girl and the contagiously likable Chuck. I know this is the era of DVR but for a lot of people this will prove to be a problem. We don't all have the fancy gizmos in our homes just yet. Not to mention it seems like poor planning on the part of both networks. Can you get us the scoop on how Josh Schwartz feels about competing with himself. It's got to be an awkward situation.

Sincerely, Pete

Whaaat?! Is that true? Erm...checking...checking...YES! OK, Josh Schwartz: What do you think of this scheduling conundrum?


It's a high class problem, I know, so I shouldn't be upset...but it definitely makes me slightly anxious. And my parents will have to get a second TiVo.

We start shooting Chuck on Friday and so far the first five scripts are great. I think each one is better than our best episode last year. We've had a nice break to recharge and regroup, and it's going to be a really fun season.

Gossip Girl starts up in a month and we're just riding the momentum out of the finale and all the stories that it sets up for next year.

These two shows play to different audiences, although I wouldn't mind some more dudes checking out Gossip Girl, and some older ladies hanging with Chuck.

Best solution: Get a dual DVR. And watch 'em both within the three-hour window allotted by Nielsen to count for ratings!


OK, TV fans, I'll get my husband to watch Gossip Girl if you get your moms to watch Chuck. Cool?

Now, if you are one of the humble TV watchers with just one TiVo, which one will you watch? Post your pick in the comments!

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