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Now that NBC's ER has been officially renewed for a landmark 15th and final season, fans have been asking if that little-known Leatherheads guy—I think his name is George Clooney, maybe you've heard of him?—will return for the final bow.

Well, the chances of that happening depend on whom you ask.

Just last week, executive producer John Wells had a conference call with reporters and told the press: "I love George. He’s a friend of mine. [But] I would doubt very much that he would come back to the show."

However, at least one of ER's stars—Scott Grimes—said he thinks there's an "85 percent chance" Clooney will return, based on a recent serendipitous run-in with the cast that apparently went on for hours.

Scott Grimes

Glenn Weiner/

Grimes just did an interview with our satellite radio show, Yo on E! on XM and Sirius, and revealed: "We got lucky. We were at a bar recently, and the cast was at a table, and George comes over and hung out with us for like four hours. He ended up paying for our whole meal, and he’s just such a good dude it's really disgusting. I’m serious, man, I was so glad my girlfriend wasn’t there, either, because I fell madly in love with him...And I’m a heterosexual man!"

Grimes explained how he came up with the "85 percent" figure, saying, "He was really asking a lot about it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was interested in coming back."

Obviously, nothing is at all official, and it's highly likely that Grimes has been bamboozled by Clooney's charms (we've all been there!) and is trying to wish this into being. Still, he said he's convinced it will happen. "I just have a weird feeling about this! Having met him once, I just get that feeling that he’s that kind of guy...He knows it would be a ratings bump, he knows it’s a historical show that’s ending, and he’d want to be a part of that. He'd do it to help out the show because he’s that kinda guy."

Wells said he hasn't yet approached any alumni like Clooney for next season. "We’ll sit down and try and come up with stories that would be appealing to the actors, and then see if they have some interest in coming back and doing it."

If Grimes' hunch is right, it might be worth giving Clooney a shot. In the meantime, Clooney's hopeful costar says, "I'm hoping to run into him again. I’ve been hanging out at that bar every night, but he hasn’t come back!"

(It's called the Clooney Effect, Scotty. It happens to the best of us! It's best not to look directly in the eyes...)

Would you like to see Clooney back on ER? And who else are you hoping will return for the send-off? Comment below!

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