As you may know, I just hit up Oahu, Hawaii, for a visit to the Lost set and interviews with some of the cast. So what did I learn?

Well, truth told, I managed to dig up some spoilers that are so crazy, so good, so mind-blowingly out of this world, I'm going to put a big fat disclaimer here before revealing them:

Read only at your own risk, because major, series-defining plot points lie beyond this jump! (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


  1. One of the Freighters dies at the hands of Jack.
  2. There's a whole underground city beneath the island, and that's where the whispers come from.
  3. In a flashforward, Walt reveals the secrets of the Oceanic Six over the Internet.
  4. Walt is in the coffin.
  5. Juliet and Charlotte share a kiss.
  6. Desmond is not one of the Oceanic Six, but he is off the Island.
  7. Jin, Sawyer and Locke are alive on the Island in the future. 
  8. Kate is pregnant.
  9. All of the "meat socks" (background survivors we have not yet met) will die by gassing.
  10. Juliet kills Claire.

And, oh yeah, one more thing:


I know. You hate me now. Sorry, but I couldn't resist!

If it's any consolation, here's a (hopefully) worthwhile prize for reading this heaping pile o' lies this far:

At least one of the 10 listed above is 100 percent true. Honest to Darlton.

Got any guesses as to which one is right? Post 'em below!

Then send this link to your friends to show them how much you care.

P.S.: For the record, everything else we posted today (including the Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas scoop) is true.

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