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You Smallville fans sure do keep Clark Kent's love life interesting. As evidenced by my email inbox almost weekly, Clark's various relationships with Lana, Chloe and Lois provoke some seriously passionate reactions.

To get a little perspective on which romance is which, and why Clark should choose one lady or another, we're opening up round two of the Great TV Love Debates (the first was Lost) to get your point of view, and you guys responded with pages and pages and pages of advocacy.

If you have a stake in the love stories of Smallville, or if you just believe in love at all (or want to gawk at fans who really care), read on for the best fan testaments in favor of Clana, Chlark and Clois. Then vote in our poll and make your pick!


Smallville, Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk

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Asma:  Before Smallville, Superman was that alien with superpowers and a cute woman beside him. But Smallville brought this character into a different light. It has shown that Clark Kent didn't become a superman in the easy way, which reflects ancient stories of heroes. His path wasn't easy and along with it came a push to feel like a human and behave like them, but Lana Lang was the only one for whom and with Clark Kent allowed himself to cross the line between humans and aliens. He fell in love with her just as she fell in love with only him, even after he went to fulfill his destiny.

Lana Lang is the one who triggered Clark's other potentials when he tried to keep her safe; he sacrificed her intimacy because he wanted to spare her harm (ultimate love), yet she is the forbidden fruit. They are the version of beauty and the beast, the heavenly love of human and angel, the ancient myths of fairy tales between gods and humans. Though he kept his alter ego from her, Lana kept on loving him and looking after him. She even sacrificed herself by marrying Lex to protect Clark, even though he wouldn't tell her the truth himself, another kind of heroism.

Their love is what we all search for today, the one where you only care for the love and happiness of your significant other till death do you part, even if you don't share your life together. Lana sacrificed Clark when he finally came to her because she thought he is bigger than her life, and without her sacrifice neither Lois nor the world would ever know Superman.

So yes, I think Lana deserves to end up with Clark as a reward for several aching years of pain and sacrifice and their wish to be together. As he enjoyed her company before becoming important, I think she should enjoy the famous hero as well—though she cares not that he is Superman, because she sees him as Clark, the sweet and dorky boy next door.

Smallville, Allison Mack, Tom Welling

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Adele from Adelaide, Australia:  Clark is destined for Chloe in the Smallville-verse for many reasons. She is by far the most intelligent and capable female on the show (bar Mrs. Kent), and she proved herself time and time again to be the individual most worthy of keeping the Man of Steel's secret. But this isn't about being the best sidekick—a contest she would win hands down—this about who deserves Clark's heart. Chloe has always loved Clark, but it is her selflessness that propels her into ideal mate territory. She's a victim of unrequited love (an unenviable and sympathetic position) who has refused to let bitterness or disappointment override her loyalty and her commitment to Clark and his destiny.

The soul of this show is the friendship that exists between the Chlark duo. Her loyalty is unquestionable; she has even stated she would die for him. She would even die to save Lex Luthor to save Clark—that is true, barn-free love. Additionally, she is the only girl of the three to have not boinked a Luthor, which is a commendable trait. She doesn't whine or do stupid things like sleep with her boss. She trusts that Clark will make the right decision regardless of the information she is provided with. While extremely proactive in all facets of her life, she sat back and intended to allow Clark to tell her about his powers in his own time. Trust is the most important element in a relationship, and Chlark has that in spades. 

Last, there is the chemistry. We saw the one-sided nature of it in many episodes, none better than the fantastic letter from Chloe in "Fever." However, the kiss in "Vessel" showed this friendship is ready to transition. Clark kissed her back in that episode, similar to the heated exchanges in "Bound," "Magnetic" and ultimately "Rush." In "Crimson" we have red-kryptonite-effected Clark telling Chloe, "All those years of unrequited pining are finally gonna pay off. Can't say I haven't thought about it." Despite what many Clana or Clois fans would like you to think, there is mutual attraction there—and it's steamy.

Trust, loyalty, love and sizzle—they are four for four. Chlark is a perfect partnership.

Smallville, Erica Durance, Tom Welling

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Kylie:  I'm a legend girl. You gotta stick with the legend. There is a reason the story has stuck around this long. You can tweak it, pull it, bend it, make it your own—and by all accounts Smallville has done a wonderful job at this—but ultimately you gotta stick to the legend. Therefore, ultimately, Clark must end up with Lois!

I confess myself a Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fan...The show rocked because Lois and Clark actually ended up together! They even got married! (The show was promptly axed after that, but let's not bring that up...)

Clark goes with Lois like peanut butter and jelly, garlic on bread sticks, M&M's and popcorn, cheese on macaroni...perhaps I shouldn't have written this on an empty stomach. Lois and Clark are like Vaughn and Sydney, Ross and Rachel, Buffy and, Angel! No, Spike! No...Ang...Ah, sheesh, Willow and Tara!

I've recently fallen in love with the BBC show Robin Hood (it airs on BBCA in March I think). At the end of their second season, they killed off Marian! You don't just kill off half of the legend! The fan outrage was immense, with many boycotting the show all together. The point is, when a show revolves around a story that's been around for a long time (granted Superman hasn't been around since the 15th century), fans feel protective of the story no matter how different the incarnation of it is. Lana may be Clark's first love, but ultimately Lois is his constant.

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