America's Next Top Model cast

Jim DeYonker/The CW

Just finished watching a thoroughly engaging, wholeheartedly trashy hour of television, during which I chanted at the screen: "Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!"

Only problem? This wasn't Jerry Springer.

What I was watching is actually tonight's premiere of the oh so glamorous reality romp, the CW's America's Next Top Model, which, FYI, is naughtier, cattier and uglier than ever before.

Miss Tyra herself says it best when defining the look of the new crop of girls: "Most of the girls who are Top Models now are weird and different and freaky looking." And not only are these girls freaky, but many of them are downright freakaaay—meaning, lordy lordy, do they know how to bring the drama!

A five-minute sampling of highlights...

Minute 23:  "Shut up, bitch! You're dead in my book!"
Minute 24:  [Sobs. Hugs. Sobs. Hugs.] "I could never do nothin' like that. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Wahhh..."
Minute 25:  "Bitch, if you touch me, you're gonna die!"
Minute 28:  The judges pretend to drink a contestant's breast milk.

Yeah. What I'm saying is, by the looks of the crazy-ass stuff they've already shown in the premiere, season 10 just might be the best-worst "cycle" in ANTM history.

Comment below with your thoughts on the new ANTM direction. Are the catfights and outrageous behavior necessary to spice up the series? Or do you miss the less obnoxious days of old?

Say it with me now: Ty-ra, Ty-ra, Ty-ra!

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