Christina Scarbo

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"Nooo! Pick Rickyyy!"

This is what many of us Project Runway fans were screaming at the screen last night during the big elimination ceremony.

While most of us wanted Ricky, the sniveling, whiney nightmare of a sewer (not sure if that's the word for someone who sews, but it works for me) to get the high-heeled boot from Heidi Klum, it was our beloved Kit Pistol who took the fall.

A sampling of today's mailbag:

"So, Kit got kicked off Project Runway...what?! What about crybaby Ricky? I loved her, and the season won't be the same without her!"
—Celia in Nashville, Tennessee

"I was so crushed to see Kit sent home yesterday. I thought she would make it all the way. She was definitely robbed of the win during several of the challenges. Please tell her she rocks!"
—Emily in Fairfax, Virginia

As some of you know, we here at E! hold a special place in our hearts (and wardrobe closets) for Christina "Kit Pistol" Scarbo, as she is one of our wardrobe stylists (working primarily with Samantha Harris for E! News and Dancing with the Stars). She's just about the coolest girl you could ever meet, not to mention talented as all hell. So, I sat down with her this morning to have a good sobfest over her Runway loss and found out she's dealing with it much better than we are. Read on...

So, last night...
I got auf'd.

I couldn't bring myself to say it. How did you feel in that moment? Did you know you were going to be going?
Yeah. There’s the one moment in the work room where I kinda look up from my garment and look around, and I knew I was in trouble because I went such a completely different direction. Seeing that I was on a fashion show, I probably should’ve taken "conceptual artistic" to mean haute couture. You know, from my fabric selection to even the silhouette, I think everything should’ve gone more haute couture.

How did you feel about getting the boot? Are you happy you made it that far?
I definitely would not have gone on Project Runway if I hadn't thought I was going to make it to the top three. I think that’s why everyone goes on that show. So, I was disappointed I was going home. But since it’s challenge by challenge on the runway, I had a feeling, and I wasn’t shocked that day.

Who are you rooting for now?
I’m definitely rooting for Christian. I like that Project Runway is about fresh, innovative talent, and I think he’s a 21-year-old firecracker who is amazing. I’d love to see him win.

And you and Sweet P are still close friends, right?
Sweet P and I are the best of friends. We go on double dates with our boyfriends all the time; it's supercute. She’s amazing, and I’m so glad she just did a phenomenal job in the challenge last night after the hardships.

Yeah, Rami was kind of an ass. What's up with that?
I’m going to be diplomatic; everyone has their reactions to stress. Rami is an amazing person—when he gets stressed out, maybe not as amazing. But you know, you do what you can. You do what you can with four hours of sleep and string cheese.

Have you been recognized a lot?
[Laughs] Well, I can't go into fabric stores. There are a lot of fans downtown and in fabric stores. But it’s been great. It’s nice to have the support from all the fans and the encouragement to go on and to know there’s people watching for me when I do my collection in March. And lots of people to go to

How's your brand going?
I’m excited, because as a small designer, funding is crazy and tough. So, I launched an accessories line that I’m selling at Studio and Fred Segal and also online at And I’m using all the proceeds from those accessories to fund part of the collection I’m doing in March. So, I’m really trying to use Project Runway as the tool it’s meant to be—to, you know, make a real career out of it and not a celeb-reality career.

Would you ever do a reality show again?
I don’t think so. I like to be behind the camera better.

Just send Samantha out.
Yeah, "Samantha, you go be pretty and smart, and I’ll just stand here with a hanger."

Now, show Kit some love in the Comments section below, vote in the Project poll below, and check out, will ya?

Christina Scarbo

Bravo/Barbara Nitke

Project Runway: Season Four
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