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Hey, tubers! Welcome to the last Spoiler Chat of 2007. Sigh. It flew by so fast, no? There'll be no Chat for the next two weeks because of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (even spoiler hounds need holidays, too), but we will have updates in the column throughout that time, so be sure to check back! Now, here go your Q's...

Yellagirl in Neche, North Dakota: Seriously, the wait to find out whether Lynette's family is dead might kill me. Can you please give me some sort of hint? How could ABC do this to us? Stupid strike!
I feel your pain! Thanks to a rock-solid Desperate Housewives source, I was able to dig up what I believe to be a definitive answer (thank you, Santie Claus!), so keep reading down to the Spoiler Section below.

Kiley in Washington, D.C.: OMG, why did they put Lost on Thursdays at 9?! That's when The Office and Grey's are on! My DVR only records two shows at once. What am I going to do? What the hell were they thinking?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need to worry, mon amie! As Damon Lindelof himself told me, "Anywhere not against Idol is awesome." This could be just about the best thing ever to happen to Lost, because there won't be much of anything left on Thursdays by the time Lost returns Jan. 31. Check out the (heartbreaking but true) evidence of how TV is drying up:

  • The Office: The last episode written before the strike aired weeks ago (sniff).
  •  My Name Is Earl: Last ep airs Jan. 10.  
  • 30 Rock: Last ep airs Jan. 10.
  • Scrubs: It moves down to the 8:30 slot Jan. 17 and airs its last prestrike episode Feb. 7.
  • Grey's Anatomy: The last ep airs Jan. 3.
  • CSI: It only has a couple episodes left.
  • Supernatural: The last ep airs Jan. 17.
  • If and when the strike breaks, it will take all these shows several weeks to get up and running, by which time Lost's eight-episode bank will be depleted.

Janice in Long Island: Is it true Dave Annable and Mary-Kate Olsen are dating?

Mary-Kate Olsen, Dave Annable

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Based on what our sources have spotted and reported back, it sure seems that way. (The words all over each other were used regarding a recent late-night club sighting.) Personally, I was hoping he and Emily VanCamp would stick together and make beautiful über-actor babies, but I guess Santa didn't get me everything on my list this year. 

Nikki in Nashville, Tennessee: I heard a rumor that a couple of recent Big Brother contestants are going to be on the next Amazing Race! Is it true? 
No final decisions have been made, but BB fan favorites Eric and Jessica are currently campaigning as a team. Show 'em your support.

Jenna in Wolverine Lake, Michigan: Have you heard anything about Eli Stone? When is it going to start? I just love Jonny Lee Miller!
Eli Stone starts at 10 p.m. on Jan. 31, the same night as Lost. And speaking of both those shows, Eli Stone is one of the last series remaining in production, and I just heard Katey Sagal has booked a recurring role. Not sure whom she plays, but that's good news in any case. Still, I wonder, what are the chances of her reappearing on Lost?

Emily Deschanel

Jeffrey Mayer/

Beth in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Do you know how all our favorite out-of-work actors are spending their time off?
Well, The Office’s Ed Helms, along with Bones’ Emily Deschanel and Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie, donated their time to the Strike Show, a live sketch-comedy production, last week. Korbi went to the show and said it was bananas—in a very good way. Cavemen’s Nick Kroll and 'Til Death’s Kat Foster dreamed the whole thing up and couldn’t have been funnier on such short notice. Apparently, there was a rather interesting skit starring It’s Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton as NBC cochairman Ben Silverman. Set during the May 2008 upfronts, Howerton's studio honcho excitedly presented his net's new fall hit—which sounded an awful lot like Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman—and did a little the podium. Enough said. Word is, an encore performance or two could be in the works. I’ll definitely let you know if so, because I’m told their homage to Saved by the Bell is can’t-miss. Screech!

Michelle in Akron, Ohio: What's the deal with HBO shows like Big Love? Will their seasons be delayed because of the strike, or are they already written?
Sadly, most of our favorite cable shows will be affected by the strike, too. Even series like The Riches, which was well into production when the strike began, was unable to finish all their ordered episodes. As for Big Love, Branka Katic (waitress Ana, whom both Bill and Margene seem to have a thing for) was part of the Strike Show and said filming on the third season is postponed. The silver lining is that she’s signed on for six or seven episodes once they return.

Jenna in Charleston, South Carolina: One of my favorite shows is Top Chef on Bravo. I keep seeing commercials that it is coming in 2008. Any idea of a more specific date?
5...4...3...2...1...Utensils down, tuberinos! Top Chef is slated to take place next year in a new locale: Chicago. Word from production is that new episodes won't start airing until after March...quite possibly around the time Project Runway wraps season four. Meanwhile, a little morsel to tide you over until then: Dale, from Top Chef 3 (who actually hails from the Windy City) is dating Jack from this season of Project Runway...oh, TV love! Makes my heart sing!

Tricia in Stowe, Vermont: The Dexter finale left me absolutely stunned. Please tell me there's some chance we see Doakes again. (And as for that chick Lila, well, good riddance to bad trash. Crazy bitch got what she deserved.)
Preach it, sister. As for the future of Doakes, check out my exclusive sit-down with Erik King (Doakes himself) on the Vine, and then if you're rooting for his return, sign this here online petition, which I believe is endorsed by the good King himself.

Brooks in Northampton, Massachusetts: When will Law & Order be back on the schedule?
L&O is back with all-new eps Jan. 2, and more important, it's back with two new characters. Linus Roache plays the new courtroom prosecutor, now that Jack McCoy has been bumped up to district attorney for the city. And I must admit, after watching Sam Waterston question witnesses for an astonishing 13 years, the change is quite a shock! The other newb is the fab Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), who plays a member of NYPD's intelligence unit who returns to detective duty and signs on as Ed Green's new partner.

Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock

Chris Haston/NBC

Anne in New York, New York: Okay, so I don't have a question, but I wanted to pass along a sighting that just made my day! Kenneth the Page was roaming the midtown area right outside my office—too cute, even sans page jacket!
The cutest. I swear, just hearing about Kenneth the Page actually throws me into hysterically happy conniptions. Like Kenneth, my favorite pizza topping is "plain, but I like others." Love.

Jackie in Birmingham, Michigan: I'm annoyed about Big Shots being canceled! When will the bad news end?
Sadly, I have more.  This means the ep in which Charisma Carpenter guest starred has no airdate.

Emilie in Quebec City, Canada:  Seems like the strike won't stop anytime soon. What will we watch in January? Any suggestions?
What will we watch in January? Reality, reality, reality—and, thank heaven, a handful of pretty good midseason replacements, including Lost and Law & Order. Stop by on New Year's Day to get my winter top 21 and a complete list of premiere dates for every new show you might possibly want to watch (plus a few you don't).

Lindsay in Los Angeles: I have been an avid reader since the Wanda days. I work at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in L.A., and I thought you might be interested in the Office Standup Show that is happening here on Tuesday. The money is going to the Actors Fund. Best, L.
Best thing about the strike? That Office actors now have time to do stand-up. Awesome. Thanks so much for letting us know, Lindsay. Love, Wanda.

Hani in Jakarta, Indonesia: Are there any spoilers for Burn Notice? I can't wait until next summer!
No spoilers yet, but I can tell you that Tod Goldberg, E! Online's Cool Stuff book blogger and, you know, an actual novelist, has been contracted to write a series of original Burn Notice novels to satisfy your cravings for the show.

Kate in West Hollywood: Just wanted to let you know I was jogging in Runyon Canyon with my dog, Bella, and I spotted Damon and Carlton jogging together. Damon even smiled at Bella, and because he was nice to my dog, I swear I'll watch anything that man ever puts on TV.
Awww...the writing team that jogs together wins at life together, I'm telling you. As for Lost, you should have an easy time getting into it this year, because from what I've heard so far, season four is 18 shades of awesome.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


TeddyGee in New Orleans: Are Tom and the kids dead on Desperate Housewives?
My source assures me they are all fine. But at least one other person is dead on Wisteria Lane. Guesses? Comment below!

Francine in Washington, D.C.: Wow! That last episode of Pushing Daisies was fantastic! Swoosie Kurtz is Chuck's mother? Really?
Yes, really. And as I teased in the last Vine show, we're also going to find out that Chuck's father is still in the picture. Can you hear Ned and Chuck's hearts mending? Yeah, those two are so not done. I'm also told this knowledge of Chuck's mama will put Olive in a verrry interesting predicament, as she has to decide whether or not to tell her. Really fantastic stuff coming up after the strike. (End it now, please?)

Vero in Budapest, Hungary: I'm so Lost in this long hiatus...Any news on Jack and Juliet?
Just that the two good doctors are still hanging out. In fact, remember those teams I told you about last week? Well, Juliet's on Team Jack, along with one other Lostie lady. Guesses on who she is?

Elo in St. Pierre, Réunion Island: Is a Sawyer and Kate baby on the way? Please, please tell me!
In honor of what is no doubt our first-ever question from Réunion Island—11,000 miles away, somewhere near Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean!—I can tell you I used to think it was pretty unlikely, but based on what I now know about season four, it's seeming somewhat more probable. That's honestly just a guess/hunch, but I'd put some money (at least a nickel) on it. Anyone care to counter-wager? Propose a baby name?

Chyler Leigh, Grey's Anatomy


Dandiegirl in Chino, California: What's up with Grey's? I'm digging that Mer is warming up to Lexie.
Me, too. And I hear there's some big stuff happening with Lexie in the next (and final prestrike) ep. There's also some big stuff happening with Bailey that is one of the most emotionally gripping storylines yet, and it involves Bailey's baby. I know, I know. Have the tissues handy.

Sloane in Scarsdale, New York: Can you give us the scoop on One Tree Hill?
Kate Voegele, who's a hot young musician in real life, plays someone who gets signed to Peyton's record label after another musician, played by K-Fed (oh yeah), is bumped from said label. Apparently, he comes to her show and heckles her to the effect of, "Get off the stage, ho!" (Good. Times.) Also in the new season (which, remember, takes place four years in the future) I'm hearing Brooke is doing very well, but it will be a while before we see her with a boyfriend.

Medium: Patricia Arquette

NBC Photo: Danny Feld

Mena in Los Angeles: I'm super excited that Medium is returning in just a few weeks. It's actually the only show my mom watches on TV. What can you tell us about the new season? Is it true that Anjelica Huston will have a recurring role?
I've seen the first two eps, and they're great. Anjelica works for AmeriTips, a company crime victims can hire to supplement the official police investigation. Anjelica's character, Cynthia, reaches out to Allison—now totally out at the DA's office after last season's scandal—after Al calls in a tip about a missing child. Their initial sit-down, however, does not go well. Unfortunately, with Scanlon avoiding her calls, Devalos out of town and the new DA totally unsympathetic, Cynthia is pretty much Allison's only remaining resource. 

Christina in Queens, New York: I love Lee and Allison on Medium. Any news about them?
They're pretty estranged as the season begins, but those two are never apart for long...That said, Allison and Joe seem happier than ever, and Lee's still with the blonde from the mayor's office, so I expect that pairing will be strictly subtext for a long time to come... 

Stephanie in West Chester, Ohio: You keep mentioning a cliffhanger and a person physically ill on Bones. I can't figure out either! Help!
I didn't say he or she was ill

David in San Francisco: You never talk about it, but any chance you're holding out on any Stargate: Atlantis scoop?
Uh...gonna hafta throw this one to Jen's little brother, Mark, who never misses an ep and has already seen the next two. He tells you fellow fans, "Col. Carter is great as the new leader of Atlantis. She chews out a ship captain for talking down to one of her crew. She does a great job of playing on the strong yet still feminine. I think she is better in the role than Weir. But the former leader of Atlantis, Weir, now looks like she is in control of a faction of the replicators even though the Atlantis team believes they have destroyed all replicators." So, that's bad...right?

Katee Sackhoff, Bionic Woman

Alan Zenuk/NBC

Terry in St. Paul, Minnesota: How will the writers' strike affect the Sci Fi shows, like Battlestar Galactica and Flash Gordon? With all the postproduction needed, how far along in scripts/filming are they?
Battlestar will have 14 episodes finished when season four premieres in March, and the Flash Gordon writers managed to finish the last three scripts of the season in the final four days before the strike hit. By the way, you Eric Johnson fans might be interested to know that in episode 19 he strips down to his boxers (which have little rocket ships on them—ha!) and oils himself up for a battle with an Audrey. You'll see.

Ruddy in Ipswich, Massachusetts: I cannot stand Lena on Brothers & Sisters. Tell me she's leaving the show?
I hear she is. But before she does, her dating status with Justin will be revealed at a family dinner. You can probably guess how well that goes over!

Andrea in Seattle: Season four of The Wire was mind-blowingly good. Any scoop on what season five has in store?
Wasn't it incredible? Well, the final season premieres Jan. 6 (and HBO On Demand will have it Dec. 31!) and will focus on the media's role in the workings of Baltimore, as well as following the continued struggles between the cops, the crooks, the government and the schools. More specifically, new mayor Carcetti faces some difficulties living up to his campaign promises, cold-blooded drug kingpin Marlo is looking to make some major changes in the area drug trade and Dominic West's Detective McNulty is back in plainclothes and stirring things up in his own inimitable (read: pissing everyone off) way. (West also directs an ep this season.) If you aren't watching The Wire, please do or my editor Erik will cry—it's all he ever talks about anymore.  

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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