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Hey, all! Happy almost Thanksgiving. Today I'm feeling thankful for all your great questions. So, let's get to answering them, shall we? Gobble, gobble!

Amy in Cedarville, Ohio: Just wondering...are Cameron and Chase ever going to be more than cameos on House? I'm loving some of the new characters, but I'm getting sick of the walk-on roles that the two of them are getting.
I'm thoroughly missing the ducklings, too! Still, sadly, I don't have good news—and neither does Jesse Spencer (Chase). He showed up at the recent Lamborghini Calabasas event for the Epilepsy Foundation, and when asked if he and Cam would ever be in the same room with House doing differential diagnosis together again, he said with a sad smile: "It doesn't look that way, does it?" Jesse said he's hardly shared a scene with Hugh Laurie all season and doesn't expect that to change anytime soon. Arrrgh! Perhaps we can start a campaign to bring the Ducklings and House back together? I love the newbies, too. But enough already!

Travis in Cincinnati: I love Project Runway! This season is excellent, and I'm rooting for your girl Kit.
Me too! Kit really is the greatest. (For you who don't know, she works here with us at E! News as a stylist and is the shiznit.) I hope she wins! Still, based on what Tim Gunn tells me, there is plenty of stiff competition this season (as you probably can tell). "Because the level of execution is so excellent," Tim says, "it really is a matter of taste. I really think people will be debating the judges' decisions on who wins, who goes home, and I think they're going to be debating with each other around the watercooler the next day." I'll meet y'all there Thursday morning.

Kristina in Los Angeles: Why would ABC pick up Dirty Sexy Money for the second half of the season when there are no writers available to write it? Is it so the actors won't look for other jobs?

No, the actors' contracts actually won't run out for quite some time. I'm told by an ABC insider the announcement was made for PR reasons, basically to show the public it's "business as usual." Pay no attention to those strikers behind the curtain!

Lost - Best Kiss

ABC/Mario Perez

Frankie in Newport Beach, California: Is the Lost season three DVD coming out soon?
Yep. Dec. 11. In fact, your trusty WWK Team was supposed to be heading to Hawaii next week for a big fancy DVD launch party with all the cast, but the event was canceled due to that dastardly Mr. Scrooge McStrike. Arrrrgh...I'm really starting to hate this strike! By the way, if you do buy a Lost DVD, please also mail in your four pennies to the AMPTP (like Jane did) and ask them to pass it along to the writers—since, you know, they can't afford to do so themselves. Grrr...

Anonymous in Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Regarding Battlestar Galactica: My brother-in-law works on set and they wrapped episode 13 today, the last show scripted. No official word, but from the way they were all saying their g'byes, looks like that could be the end...
Lalalalaa, I can't hear you! (But if I could hear you...Thanks for sending this in, and I'm hoping the soon-to-be-restarted talks get this all resolved quickly.)

Andrea in Syracuse, New York: Have you heard anything about my new favorite show, Tell Me You Love Me, on HBO? The season just ended, and I really hope it's coming back!
Already picked up for season two! (After the bad thing ends, obviously.)

Isabel in Toronto: Can you please ask the How I Met Your Mother people if Ted had the threesome with Winnie Cooper or not? It's still driving me nuts.
Josh Radnor will answer that for you! "I didn't even think it was up for debate!" he says. "But maybe that's because I'm a dude. He doesn't say he did, but only because he's a gentleman. And I also got the impression, by the way we were playing it, that I had told Marshall [that it happened]. I haven't seen the final episode, but when we were shooting [the scene were Barney's begging to know], I looked at Marshall and Marshall was kind of smiling. So, I got the feeling Marshall and I talked about it, and I was just gonna torture Barney for the rest of his life by not telling him."

Robert in New York: Is it true that Friday Night Lights is moving to ESPN?
Not true. So sayeth my sources and the rep from NBC. It's staying put on the Peacock net for the time being. In other FNL news, did you know you could own Tim Riggins' football jersey? I know. Hold on to something stable until your knees firm up again. NBC is holding an online charity auction benefiting the United Way and in addition to an original number 33 on your back, you could also pick up Isaac's paintings from Heroes, 30 Rock props and Michael Scott's Timex from The Office. 

Austin Nichols, Aimee Teegarden

John P. Johnson, NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Elijah in Lake Charles, Louisiana: I love Austin Nichols! He was so great on John from Cincinnati and really good on Friday Night Lights. I know you said he'll only be on for two episodes, but any chance he'll stick around?
Actually, yes! Austin himself says: "I just found out that they want to bring me back. So, if it works out, I'll probably be in Dillon again soon." Wheee! And BTW, Austin (who plays the teacher Julie's hot for) also has fantastic TV taste: "When they first called me and offered me this character, I didn't want to do it," he admits. "But I started reading it, and when I watched the show, I had tears in my eyes. I'd never seen anything on TV like this, and I was like, Oh my God, I have to do it. I grew up in Texas. I know what it's like to be around high school football, and it's such a big deal. But the show is so much more than that. It's about family and friends, and it's really well done." 

Daniel in Carmel, California: We are going on the third month since The 4400 ended, and we still don't know of it's renewed or canceled. I am begging for an answer here, pretty please.
Sorry, D: We checked on this for you, and a spokesperson tells me, "We have not gotten word on another season pickup for the show at this time, but it is not unusual for us to not know well after a show has completed its previous season. Hope that helps. Not sure when the official news will come down." Soon? We're right there with you, wishin' and hopin'.

Stephanie in Whittier, California: This writer's strike has me all in knots...Can you tell me if my new favorite show, Moonlight on CBS, will survive the strike? From what I know the ratings have been fairly solid, but I fear that doesn't guarantee anything in the wake of this strike.
If it helps, I seem to get more reader mail about Moonlight than about any other new show, including Pushing Daisies, Chuck and Gossip Girl. I hear you, and I promise to catch up ASAP!

Alison in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada: I was watching season three of Veronica Mars, and I swear I saw Sam, from the current season of Beauty and the Geek, on an episode. What's the deal?
Yep. Sam was an actor before coming on the show. According to Shay: "The first night [Sam] came on, Jasmine turned to me and told me he looked very familiar, and that she had seen him on television. I never thought he was on the show just to gain exposure, but it definitely gave him an advantage—he had been acting since he was a kid, so he could memorize things as far as challenges go!"

Jessica in London: I can't find Watch with Kristin anymore. Have I gone to the wrong place?
If you're outside of the U.S., you should bookmark the Watch with Kristin URL. I'm told that we won't be listed on some of the E! Online International sites that will launch over the coming months, so hopefully you can still find us! If you happen to be an overseas WWK reader, feel free to email me (tvdiva@eonline.com) or comment below with your home country so we can try to reach you better.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Wallace in Boca Raton, Florida: Is the next episode of Heroes any good? I didn't agree with you that it was good last week.
Well, than take this for what it's worth (perhaps not much!): I think tonight's episode (at least in theory) could be the best episode of the season. I haven't seen it, but I've heard what happens in it, and there's a lot of crazy stuff goin' down, including what I consider to be the biggest death of the series so far. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the Heroes Redux and join us in a good cry and group hug!

Jaimie in Dayton, Ohio: Any scoop on Maya/Sylar on Heroes?
At the Lamborghini Calabasas event for the Epilepsy Foundation, Shalim Ortiz revealed, "In our storyline, things are gonna get hectic with Sylar." The man speaks the truth. It doesn't happen tonight, but it happens soon!

Reggie in New York: Will we see more of Hiro's princess on Heroes?
Something tells me Masi Oka sure hopes so! In this Sexiest Man video over on People.com, he says, "[I love] singers, and someone who has a beautiful voice melts me." It's no secret the lovely girl who plays his princess, Eriko Tamura, is a Japanese singing sensation in real life, so, hmmm! In the meantime, tonight, Hiro is meeting up with his father to try to save him, which involves a little time travel.

Pietra in France: I actually really like Lauren Stamile on Grey's and hope that McThorny, as you call her, and McDreamy have lots of romance and babies together!
Well, then you'll be happy with the upcoming episodes. No babies, but they are definitely heading toward l'amour, mon cheri. I hear Rose/Lauren is sticking around until the last episode they shot before the strike—which is episode number 11—and she'll be an increasingly bigger part of the plot, as Derek calls on her to help save a surgery. For those of you rooting for Meredith and Derek, the good news is that this new McThorny romance is indeed a thorn in Mer's side—she just might realize how very badly she wants her own McDreamy ending. The bad news? According to my sources, she might realize that a little too late...(gulp.)

Lisa in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Is the writers strike going to interfere with Joshua Jackson's upcoming guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy?
And how. Josh is no longer scheduled to come on Grey's. Producers are hoping they can figure out another slot for him after the strike, but that's contingent on his schedule. For the record, I want my Pacey Whitter! If he can't guest on GA, maybe he'll have to come in and guest on WWK. (Just putting that out there in the universe. You never know...)

Amie in Rhode Island: Private Practice is growing on me, primarily thanks to Paul Adelstein (yum!). Any scoop?
I second that yumotion! He's gonna be starting an affair with "one of his colleagues," and I'll give you a guess—her name starts with an A and ends with my Brenneman. Ay! Also, George Segal guest stars next week, and Sam and Naomi are gonna reassess their relationship. 

Quentin in Redding, California: Hello, you dirty sexy girl. How about some Dirty Sexy scoop?
Well, I never. [*blush*] Tee hee. I’m hearing rumblings about Karen and Simon having an affair. Say whaaa? And Nick's gonna find out about it. Also, Brian is suspended from the ministry, and Carmelita is soon going to have some private eyes watching her, leading to her disappearance...

Brothers and Sisters: Emily VanCamp


Evan in Providence, Rhode Island: I'm obsessed with Brothers & Sisters this season. How many episodes will we get before the strike takes hold?
We'll get 12 all together. Ep 12 is called "Compromises," and it will put many a love storyline on the line: Jason McCallister is back (working on his brother Senator McCallister's campaign), Kevin's friends convince Sarah to sign her divorce papers, and Saul gets thisclose to hooking up with a guy. What'd you all think of that scoop in this week's Vine show that a certain Walker might not be a Walker after all? Pretty bananas, no?

Tim in New York: Will Kevin be getting back together with Scotty anytime soon?
It looks that way. I'm hearing that in an upcoming episode, Sarah refers to Scotty as Kevin's boyfriend while she is out on the town with Scotty's friends. What will Jason say?!

Elana in Fayetteville, North Carolina: Please, oh please, tell me that Garcia makes it through this crisis on Criminal Minds. She makes the show so much more fun.
Don't you worry your pretty little head. Garcia makes it through. I also hear that Morgan moves in with Garcia to protect her! However, that twosome doesn't progress very far, romantically, because Nicholas Brendon (Xander!) is about to join the show as a new Garcia love interest.

Sam in Aurora, Illinois: Can you tell me more about this new Pita Palace delivery girl from Chuck that you mentioned in your Vine show?
Expect lots of girl-on-girl action when Sarah and Lizzie take each other on in a kickass battle. Also, someone's getting engaged!

Bobbie in Louisville, Kentucky: Thanks for the HIMYM post today! As excited as I am about Robin and Ted hooking up again, the thought of Barney and Robin hooking up is even better!
Good news! It sounds like HIMYM boss Craig Thomas agrees. "[Robin and Barney] are very good together," he says. "Their scenes together are great. The cool thing is, we can explore their chemistry by having the two of them go out and kind of be each other's wingman. We know we're going to do that." When asked for a straight answer on the possibility of a Barney-Robin romance, Craig says: "Can't comment on that." Hmmm!

Jo in Shoreacres, Texas: When is The Closer due to begin again?
Season four won't return until this summer, but to tide us over, look for a Christmas special Dec. 3 on TNT. Brenda and Fritz spend their holiday vacation ferrying a wanted fugitive from Atlanta to Los Angeles in Clay and Willie Ray's RV. There's some funny, courtesy of some Perry Como CDs, and some sad, especially in a scene where Brenda explains to her mother that she's "a professional liar." 

Scrubs: Zach Braff

Dean Hndler/NBC

Jack from Portland, Oregon: Scrubs!
In an upcoming episode, Dr. Kelso is forced into retirement because of his age. This doesn't sit well with Elliot and Carla, who decide to try and save his job. Also, in "My Princess" (which is directed by Zach Braff), Dr. Cox tells his son a fairy tale, with the doctors from Sacred Heart portraying the characters. J.D. is the idiot, Elliot is a princess, Dr. Cox is the noble knight, the Janitor is a giant, and Turk and Carla are a two-headed creature called Turla. I hear they went all out for this episode, building a forest set and bringing in horses and other animals. 

Amber in Jacksonville, Florida: Any Psych news? I'm looking forward to the holiday episode. Any info on what happens after the "really close talking" scene in the "Bounty Hunters" episode? You are the bestest of the best!
The good news is that the holiday episode is vintage awesome Psych, and Phylicia Rashad, who plays Gus' mom, has still got it! Her line reading of "Honey, what do you think we can get for the Cutlass?" will kill you. The bad news for you Shawn-Juliet fans is that there is minimal Shawn-Juliet. Tragical, I know. 

Jessica in Decatur, Georgia: October Road returns this week!
Sure does. The second season premiere is on Thanksgiving night at 10 p.m., so don't forget to tune in. There's a lot going on in Knights Ridge right now, including Hannah's impending engagement, Owen's impending divorce and some scary health problems for Nick's dad.

Tracy in Ft. Collins, Colorado: Any scoop on Monk? It's still my fave after all these years.
In the holiday special episode, Monk is on the offensive against Christmas. Among other things, he accidentally reveals to a city full of children that Santa Claus is n-t r--l. This understandably disturbs the children...and Randy. Also, for the record, kiddos: ADD is not the same as OCD. Just in case it ever comes up on a test or something.

Tori in Palmdale, California: Any scoop on The Riches?
Sam gets his first kiss—from a girl who is intrigued when she catches him applying lipstick.

Marta in Cleveland, Ohio: Women's Murder Club is my new guilty pleasure. Any dish?
Laura Harris expects complications in Jill's relationship with that cute ER doctor. She tells us, "I have to get in trouble romantically at some point, because I am having sex with him." Wait, is Jill getting pregnant? "No. I think she has too much sex to not look after that. I think she practices very safe sex." Smart cookie. 

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin, Michael Berner and Marisa Roffman

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