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So, now you've seen her.

The new "potential love interest" for Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy is Miss Lauren Stamile, who plays the nurse that was "invisible" to our beloved Dr. McDreamy until last night's episode.

Is it just me, or does this all reek of the introduction of Paolo and Nikki on Lost? You know, that silent, unseen character that—poof!—all of a sudden comes front and center in the main plot? (At least her first line wasn't about the functionality of a toilet. Not to mention, Stamile is really likable.)

Clearly, given the way Paolo and Nikki were received, this sort of already-there introduction can be irksome to the fans. But you have to hand it to Grey's writers, because they found a pretty genius way to make you feel instantly sympathetic to Meredith and Derek's potential third wheel. See, Rose, just like our beloved Bailey (who got walked on all over again by her high school sweetheart Marcus, played by D.B. Woodside, last night), turns out to be a sweet, unassuming girl who has been imperceptible to Dr. McDreamy. She's shared dozens of surgeries with him, but he didn't really notice her until last night.

Surely, many a female viewer can relate (after all, we see Dempsey every week and he doesn't see us back...the nerve!), but my question to you is this: Is it enough to make you like Rose? Do you like having her in the mix? Or do you wish Meredith and Derek could be left alone and live happily (boringly?) ever after in La-La Land? 

Do tell. 'Cause—mild spoiler alert—I've heard the plan is to keep Rose (Stamile) around for a good long while this season, and move the Derek and Rose flirtation forward into something of a McThorny affair.

But who knows? With the unfortunate break caused by the writers' strike (we only get three more Grey's episodes—sigh), the scribes and producers just might have some time on their hands to listen to fan opinion before putting pen to paper when the strike comes to an end.

So, vote in the poll, or take a minute to post your feelings on Rose in the Comments section below!

Rose on Grey's Anatomy
How do you feel about Rose on Grey's Anatomy?
Do you like Rose as a love interest for Derek?
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