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'Cause this is ladies night, and it's feelin' right...

Yep, I'm all about lovin' the ladies today (don't tell my hubby), first the Supernatural chiquitas and now the fine trio of fierce femmes who round out Women's Murder Club, alongside star Angie Harmon. 

If you haven't been watching Women's Murder Club, this is the perfect week to start, as ABC is airing a new episode tonight at 10 p.m. after Grey's Anatomy, and then another new ep in the series' regular time slot of 9 p.m. on Friday. Read on to find out what's in store for the Club, direct from the ladies themselves...

Laura Harris, Women's Murder Club


Laura Harris as Deputy District Attorney Jill Bernhardt

The first question is really shallow, but where did you get your fabulous hair?
It's my normal hair. It's how I had my hair cut for way before pilot season...a good friend of mine, Ian Robertson, does the color. I've been going to Ian for 11 years. 

Angie and you have awesome chemistry, and there is talk of sexual tension...
Oh, nice—I like that. 

But you guys are the two single girls sort of in law enforcement. What has it been like working with Angie? When did you first meet her, and how did that all go?
I met her at the first table read at Joe Simpson's house. There was a huge meet and greet, and everyone was there. It was really cool. We had a table read, and we went and ate afterward—it was a really lovely evening. You can't go wrong. She's an amazing actress, she can do action—she could be an action star in heels, no less. It's great—it's great working with the other girls as well. It's a cool combination. I love all three of them.

Tell me about the time you've spent with Jill (which hasn't been too long): What do you like about her, what have you enjoyed learning about her backstory and  can you tell us anything about where she ends up?
What I love about Jill is...I would say the show has taken more liberty with her character and more so than the other characters from the books they are based on. In the books, she's married and being abused by her husband...[she] has a pretty different backstory in the show. I come from foster care; my father is dead as well but for a different reason. I almost feel I am at a learning, beginner phase, where Jill in the books has already gotten there. I love the challenge of being a DA. I have a little bit of stage fright, so I am learning how to walk. I remember the first episode I watched, and I was actually kind of wobbling like a deer learning to walk or something, so that has been cool.

Paula Newsome, Women's Murder Club


Paula Newsome as Medical Examiner Claire Washburn 

Why do you think the fans are digging Women's Murder Club?
It's a nice cross between Law & Order and Sex and the City. We're four women who get to solve crimes and get into the whole procedural thing, but also we have heartbreaks and problems with men, problems in our lives that only other girls can help us with.

Is your character in the show a lot like your character in the books? Laura was saying Jill has a very different backstory on the show.
Yeah, Jill is very different, but James Patterson's Claire is pretty much our Claire. The only difference is that our Claire's husband is in a wheelchair, which I think was actually James' idea. He suggested that to our writers. And the Claire in the novels, her husband is a cellist in the San Francisco Orchestra.

Now, it seems like Claire is the grounded one. Is that how you see it, too, or do you think the women take turns being the voice of reason?
No, Claire's pretty much that one! No, certainly, when Claire has trouble at home, like with her sex life, Lindsay and Claire are pretty much best friends, so Lindsay's the one to kind of reach out out to her, to help her when Claire needs a hand. But she, generally, is the voice of sanity and reason.

Is there anything you can tease to in the four episodes you have left?
Lindsay's got some interesting things going on as a result of, let's say, her experience with Tom, and Claire's a real big part of that, so that'll be exciting to see.

Aubrey Dollar, Women's Murder Club


Aubrey Dollar as Reporter Cindy Thomas 

You're originally from New York—what's it been like shooting in L.A., and how has the Women's Murder Club experience been for you overall?
This is actually the first time I've gotten to be on a show where I'm an adult with a grownup job. That's a really fantastic adjustment, and it feels much closer to my real life. And we're all really close at this point. I just moved out to L.A., so I feel like I have some really good new girlfriends. 

What's coming up for Cindy—any romance on the horizon?
She's married to her work. I think she's kind of a geek and is pretty unaware of that part of her life. 

And what about these two episodes—any dish?
Actually, there is a bit of a romantic interest for Cindy in one of them...Thursday's episode centers around a pro football player who's been murdered, and Angie's husband, Jason Sehorn, has a cameo in it. In Friday's episode, we're trying to stop an execution.

—With reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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