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Yippee! 30 Rock returns tonight, and if you haven't seen it yet, you are missing out! Tune in tonight for a kooky Seinfeld-themed ep, but keep your eye on this kid: Jack McBrayer. He plays Kenneth the Page, and he's just about one of the funniest guys around. To know him is to love him!

To celebrate, here's a little Q&A with Jack, in which he talks about young Kenneth's prospects for the future, what's coming up on the show and the benefits of the big time. Read on, and enjoy!

One of the things I love about Kenneth is that he loves television. He's my people! Does Kenneth know what he wants to do in TV? Does he want to be a page when he's 60? Does he want to be Jack Donaghy?
That's a good question. I think he'd like to be a page when he's 60, but with more responsibility. 

And a digital alarm clock.
A digital alarm clock and maybe deciding what shows make it on TV.

He's like a D-girl!

Half-development, half-page would be fantastic.

And you're an improv guy by training, yes?
By training, not by trade—improv is not a paying gig. But yes, that's my background. In fact, that's how I met Tina [Fey]—at Second City in Chicago.

And she wrote this wonderful part for you, and now you're a breakout star, so God bless her. Improv is not quite writing, but it's in a similar creative vein. Do you have fantasies of heading into the writers' room yourself? Do you pitch jokes?
Well...not even necessarily our writers' room at 30 Rock, because, I mean, those guys [have] got it down pat, but it's really nice to be able to say, "I have an idea for a movie,” and go to the Judd Apatows or the Adam McKays of the world and they listen!

I talked to Tina recently, and she said, "I think we might have some love affairs for Kenneth this year."
It's getting crazy already. A very strong libido for Mr. Ken Parcell.

Insane! What's going on with him?
I don't know, I just read the words off the script.

And you do it very, very well. Are these all girl relationships?

Well, Will Arnett makes a return this season.

And that will be fun. Are you doing more work with Alec Baldwin? Because you guys work great together.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Actually it's been great this season because I've done a lot more work with Jane Krakowski and more stuff with Tracy [Morgan] and some stuff with Alec as well.

I would imagine Jane's character is not incredibly patient or sympathetic.
Actually they have a very good rapport at the start of the season, who knows how that will turn out, but so far so good.

How come? What are they working on together?
Well, Jenna's in a very vulnerable position, and Kenneth is a strong shoulder to lean on.  It's really fun, you're going to like it.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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