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Jen Godwin: Hello, TV addicts. Jen here, along with my partner in crime, Korbi Ghosh! As you may have heard, Kristin Dos Santos is en route to Texas for a little Friday Night Lights-Prison Break blowout—lucky so-and-so—and we're told the fabulous Connie Britton is actually on her flight right now. Yes, on her way back to coach, KDS spotted Mrs. Tammy Taylor in first class and BlackBerried us immediately, of course! And speaking of FNL castmembers, I hear Korbi's got more scoop...

Korbi Ghosh: Seems the rumors about Minka Kelly and John Mayer are indeed true. They were spotted at L.A. eatery Hugo's yesterday, for a little one-on-one brunch action. Wonder what Jason Street and Tim Riggins would have to say about that!  

Okay, kiddies, let's jump headfirst into this thing we call a Spoiler Chat... 

Maria in Azusa, California: Are you guys watching Dancing with the Stars? Sabrina (the Cheetah girl) is amazing!
Yes, and it's no freakin' wonder. We've just learned the lady was a dancer in college! Apparently, she attended Chapman University, which has a great dance program, and we hear she had quite a reputation for rockin' rad pirouettes. Now, is that really fair? How can Wayne Newton compete with that? Whatever—we love watching her because she's fierce, so who really cares!

Gallea in Buckhead, Georgia: I'm not sure if I'm really into Chuck yet, but I'm pretty sure I've got a thing for Zachary Levi. He's so cute!
You don't have to tell us! Korbi ended up at his birthday party this weekend—a joint bash with his actor buddy Joel David Moore—and says he was beyond adorable. Apparently the bar they picked was at capacity by 10 p.m., and a lot of Zac's friends were stuck on the wrong side of the velvet rope. But instead of throwing a celebrity fit, he just hung outside until every last one of 'em made it through the door. By the way, among the attendees were some great TV names: Zachary Quinto, Nathan Fillion, Freaks and Geeks alum Samm Levine, Bonnie Somerville and the one and only Craig Robinson (aka Darryl from The Office). 

Dahlia in Miami: Have you seen the so-called Lost Six video? Is it real?
We checked with ABC, and yes, it's real. What it means, we have no frakkin' idea, although six seasons would be the gimme. However, don't expect promos with actual show footage until at least November. Dangit.

Tammy in Lodi, California: What's safe to watch this season with a three-year old playing in the background? I'd really like to see something besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Suggestions? As of now, I'm only getting time for Heroes, when the little one is asleep.
Okay, so...not Dexter. Let's see...30 Rock can be a little spicy, but most of the humor would probably swoop right over a three-year-old's head. Everybody Hates Chris is totally family-friendly and hilarious. Psych and Monk reruns are both highly recommended and both are 90 percent clean. Project Runway starts up again in November, and Tim Gunn is pretty much a modern-day saint. And Life Is Wild, which premieres this Sunday, really is fun for the whole family: It has parents, kids, baby lions...what more could you ask for?! (P.S.: Gentle readers, what did we miss? If you have a moment, please post your toddler-and-mom-friendly TV suggestions in the Comments. We're intrigued to hear what you have to say!) 

Lori in Carmel, Indiana: Why did NBC make the ridiculous decision to move Friday Night Lights to Friday night? Their biggest fan base is made up of people who are at their hometown football games on Friday nights!
The network felt it was confusing to viewers if the show was called Friday Night and aired on, say, Tuesday. In the case of Friday Night Lights versus your own local Friday night lights, we cannot recommend a TiVo highly enough. By the way, Jen didn't watch last season, but after watching the season-two premiere, she is now a full-fledged superfan. You will be, too, if you give it a shot. We swear. So, please watch Friday on NBC at 9 p.m.!

Tina in Dubuque, Iowa: Heroes!
Okay, I got two news bits for you: Check out the cast being hilarious behind-the-scenes in this LAist roundup of Heroes Internet videos. And if you live in or around L.A. and you're free Oct. 14, Greg Grunberg and his family are leading their annual Epilepsy Freedom Walk in Griffith Park. If you can't make it there live and in person, you can sponsor his son Jake, who has epilepsy, by visiting the official Epilepsy Freedom Walk Website.

By the way, the Heroes redux will resume its regularly scheduled place in WWK next week, when Kristin returns from the Lone Star state. Cool? 

Nancy from Torrance, California: Did the Beauty and the Geek cast really not get along with Sam and Nicole?
We recently chatted with the first eliminated beauty, Amanda, and she told us: "There was a lot of animosity toward Sam and Nicole, but they are really great people and actually two of my favorites from the show." Amanda also wanted to let the fans know she does read your comments on the CW Lounge and also posts on the message board.  

Michelle in Toronto: I just watched the first ep of Dirty Sexy Money last night (it airs Sundays in Canada), and I could have sworn the daughter of Nick George, Kiki, was played by Elle Fanning, but online it says it's a girl named Chloe Moretz. Is it possible that they aired the original pilot of the show? If not, why the casting change?
They aired a different cut of the pilot, but both versions were drawn from the same footage. In the original-original pilot, there is a frame story where Nick relates the tale of the Darlings to a reporter. You have a great eye, though: That was Elle Fanning, but the role was recast because Elle was unavailable for the series run of the show. 


Britt in Houston: Any news on Desperate Housewives?
That bum Tom Scavo may be stepping out on Lynette! He kisses a lady named Sylvia—and will later be seen at a romantic dinner with the hussy! He makes like it's all a terrible misunderstanding, but we suspect there's more in store for Tom and Sylvia...  

Kales in Bumblefrak, Idaho: I thought Desperate was good last night. Are we going to see a lot of Andrea Bowen this year? Any more a-hole boyfriends for her?
Julie will be more wrapped up in the main mystery involving Dana Delaney’s daughter. As for dudes, don’t believe Edie’s nephew is back anytime soon, but we are hearing something about her going on a date with a Tommy Lee type later this season. Susan may get a little freaked over all the tattoos.

Sue in New York City: So, you were right about Meredith and Derek breaking up!
Mmm. The good news is their relationship actually flourishes under this new arrangement. 

Cherie in Colorado: Henry's back on Ugly Betty this week. Tell me he ditched the annoying chick!
Unfortunately, no. They’re still very much a couple. He came back to Mode because he needs to be gainfully employed, given his impending fatherhood…

Chris from Riverside, California: I love Chuck! Any scoop?
If you thought Bryce Larkin, aka Chuck’s college roommate, was a goner, guess again. He is returning to the show and is very much alive.

Jake in Columbus, Ohio: Anything on Lost?
Only that it has reentered the zeitgeist—with a vengeance. Oceanic 815 was name-checked on Chuck, and Jerry Seinfeld himself declares he's a fan in the season premiere of 30 Rock. Yippee!

Also, episode five is currently casting, and they're looking for actors to play a narcoleptic (hilarity ensues), an R. Lee Ermey-style drill sergeant, three older British guys and two young soldier types, whom we could see on more than a couple of episodes. Hmmm... 

Katrina in Hopkinton, Massachusetts: Heroes!
When Kristin caught up with Milo Ventimiglia last week, they talked about Peter's current state of mind. He said, "I don't even think he knows he can fly. I think at this point, things are happening to [him], and I don't know where they're coming from, and it's terrifying. It's got to be terrifying. He's kind of afraid that people are afraid of him, and he sees the fright in their eyes, and he's being reactive to everything." Aw, poor baby. Come here. Mama's got a hug for you.

Sarah in Boston: Who the hell is this Bob character on Heroes?
Bob is like Bob from Twin Peaks: evil as hell. We're looking into the rumors that he's Matt's dad (!), and we soon see his ugly mug in the group photo of the nine superpowered elders—i.e., the whole image of the death-threat photos received by Mama Petrelli and Papa Nakamura. 

Jennifer in Bangor, Maine: Anything on 30 Rock?
The first ep of the season is full-on Seinfeld, but the second ep is full-on vintage 30 Rock. Will Arnett and Sherri Shepherd are both back, Kenneth is used and abused by all comers, Jenna does a little roller dancing, and Jack Donaghy continues to rock our world. 

Amanda in Burbank: I need news about 30 Rock!
Kenneth the Page and Tracy Jordan are getting married. Will they live happily ever after? To find out, you must watch for yourself this Thursday at 8:30. Seriously, people, this show kicks ass. Liz Lemon needs you. Tune in! 

Gina in Bloomfield, Michigan: I love How I Met Your Mother!  What's coming up?
We meet Lily’s big brother later this year!

Katie in Caldwell, New Jersey: Do you know if The Riches is coming back, that show with Minnie Driver?
Yes, they’re filming the second season right now, and as we understand it, the Malloys stay put in Eden Falls, at least for now. They’re adding a new character named Officer Roy, who patrols the neighborhood at night, which will make a few of the family’s hijinks a little harder to pull off.  

Dayna in Chicago: Anything on Mad Men?
Don's half-brother returns this week! Guess that $5,000 payoff wasn't enough. Also, while Roger is out of commission, crafty Don takes an opening. And Pete and Peggy are still having problems, together and apart.

Isabella in Roseville, California: You never talk about CSI: Miami. Give me some scoop!
They investigate a middle-school drug ring this winter.  

Arti in Sacramento: Any dish on Law & Order: Criminal Intent?
All you Goren-Eames 'shippers out there will love the premiere. Wait—what do you mean I'm the only one who sees the Goren-Eames thing?! In any case, I enjoyed Goren doing his fabulous "clumsily devoted" routine when Eames' dead husband's ex-partner gets shot and killed while on a stakeout. Also, D'Onofrio is great against the awesome Holt McCallany, who can also be seen these days slinging an Oyrish accent on Heroes

Jackie in Turlock, California: Can you do some digging on Scrubs? I love that show.
They recently took over an L.A.-area high school for a two-day location shoot, filming in the quad and putting up a red and white sign that read '08. Wonder what that's about? Also, some of the Scrubs crew is doing the 2007 MS Bike Tour. Their goal is to scrub out multiple sclerosis. Cool, right? 

Diana in Cayucos, California: Dexter.
Episode four involves some seriously awesome strategery from both Dexter and Laguerta. They aren't working together, but boy, I'd love to see what they could do if they ever joined forces. Also, Rita's mom is a mean ol' meddler. We may love her. 

Cameron in Brooklyn: I loved Bionic Woman! What's next?
The eerie creepiness of Sarah Corvus in episode two is overshadowed only by the eerie creepiness of Isaiah Washington as Antonio Pope, a new "trainer" hired to work with Jamie. Also, apparently bionics are not unlike old TVs: If you're getting static, try hitting the thing and see if that helps. Nerdy side note from Jen: Corvus is the scientific name for the crows and ravens. Coincidence? We think not. 

Lynn from Omaha, Nebraska: What's coming up for Kitty on Brothers & Sisters?
Kitty and Senator McCallister take dance lessons for their upcoming wedding, and it turns out McCallister is quite the pro when it comes to the quickstep.  

Beth in Rochester, New York: Thank you so much for putting Life in your top five new shows to watch. At the last minute I added it to my DVR list based on your recommendation. I love it! Please continue to cover this show in your column.
Done. It's one of Kristin's favorite new shows—she can't stop raving about it—and the second ep is even better than the first. Look for assault and battery, water ballet, another swoon-worthy performance by Damian Lewis, Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars, Adam Arkin doing a little a cappella, a great murder mystery and an appearance by the divine Christina Hendricks (aka Saffron from Firefly/Joan from Mad Men). If you love House, do give Life a chance—Charlie Crews has a similar batch of fascinating tics and foibles matched with a preternatural talent for his job. 

Leah in Boston: I need Bones news!
Look for an upcoming baby-love episode in which Booth and Bones do a little babysitting and are forced to confront some parenting-related feelings, much the same way their standing-at-the-altar moment of last season forced them to confront their repressed romantic feelings for each other.

Delia in Seagate, New York: Criminal Minds!
We're still squeeing over the news that Nick Brendon is guesting as a (likely recurring) love interest for Garcia! 

Joan in Las Vegas: Loving Journeyman. Scoop?!
We find out in tonight's episode that while Olivia (Dan's fiancée before she died in the plane crash) knows Dan is now married, she doesn't know to whom he is marred. Uh-oh. Also, Dan and Katie decide to go on a long-planned trip to try for a second child, but midflight he gets transported back to 1975 to deliver a baby on a plane. 

Tori from San Diego: Will we ever find out about the amulet necklace that Dean wears? The Christmas-themed episode finally tells us where Dean got his amulet necklace and flashes back to when Dean and Sam were children. Also, look for some evil Christmas-loving pagans that take on Dean and Sam.  

Jesse from Jacksonville, Florida: Supernatural scoop, please?
We see the moment that Dean and Sam first found their father’s journal and the realization that monsters are actually real.  

Cash in Mobile, Alabama: Any news on Las Vegas?
During a recent set visit, Josh Duhamel says of Danny's impending daddy-dom, "It's funny because of the different stages you go through as a first-time father. At first he was not sure what to think about it, and then he sees a sonogram, and now he's like a freak about it, because it's only a couple of months away." Also, Ne-Yo guests later this season. Yay!

Frankie in Lake Success, New York: I kinda liked Big Bang Theory. Will the guys be getting any anytime soon?
Indeed. I hear Wolowitz hooks up with one of Penny’s superhot friends, but sadly, his mom ends up sabotaging it. 

Miranda in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Do you have any Ghost Whisperer news or spoilers?
Come midseason, we meet another ghost whisperer! Melinda meets a young girl named Becca who also has the ability to speak to the dead. Unfortunately, she's an orphan. She's never been able to speak to her dead parents, and her wards always think she's a crazy liar (rather than a real-live medium). Melinda and Jim work to help her out. 

All right, that’s it for us, y’all. Thanks for playing! Korbi, Jen, out

—Additional Reporting by Michael Berner, Marisa Roffman and Harper Adams

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