John Krasinski, Will Arnett

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Will Arnett and John Krasinski.

These two much loved TV fan favorites might seem totally harmless, but let the record show that John and Will are a hazardous combination akin to Pop Rocks and shaken-up soda pop. They will make stuff come out your nose and might possibly kill you.

Allow me to explain.

On Wednesday night, I had dinner at a sushi place where the tables are squished together tight, and five minutes after I was seated, I looked up to see none other than Jim Halpert (aka John K) and Gob Bluth (aka Will Arnett) sitting down right next to me. I almost died. (Then, of course, wondered if I already had died and gone to heaven. As you longtime readers know, that's how much I love these two.)

Apparently John and Will are good friends (do you not love that?), and all I can say is not only were they incredibly cool, they were insanely, stomach-crampingly funny together (note to NBC: Get these two together on 30 Rock or The Office, like, now).

We chatted through dinner, and after Will told John the story of making me laugh so hard I ruptured a blood vessel in my nose (see clip below), John made me laugh so hard (something about a howler monkey) right as I was taking a sip of my drink that I lost all control, did an honest-to-God spit take and showered our entire table with spray. Lest you think this was not a big spray, you should know that we, um...were asked to leave the restaurant soon after.

Yeah. Mortifying. But hilarious. And thankfully, Will and John and my very soggy friend found it just as funny as I did.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is this: If you see Krasinski and Arnett together while you're out and about on the town, Run! Their hilarity is too much for any person to bear. Do not be a hero. Or you, too, could risk public humiliation, a broken blood vessel and/or a table full of spittle!

By the way, John and Will had a fun little back-and-forth ribbing as to who provided me with the best/funniest set visit of all time—was it Will making my nose bleed or John reenacting the infamous Jim-Pam kiss? Judge for yourself in the video clip below—and sound off in the Comments section below!

(P.S. Did I mention my job does not suck?)

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