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If you're like me, there’s one thing you are most looking forward to in the new fall season: the return of the freaking Office! It seems like ages since Jim said, “It’s a date,” and the season went to black. I know many of you fellow fans are chomping at the bit for intel, so I bring you two Office memos: (1) the video clip below with a run-in with some of the cast and (2) a little one-on-one time with show runner extraordinaire Greg Daniels.

Daniels was honored Tuesday night at Sublime Primetime, an annual Writers Guild event honoring Emmy-nominated writers. And he took a little time to dish the goodness on Jam, Dwight, Michael and the gang. Read on...

First off, thank you for giving us four hourlong episodes at the start of the season! Are you killing yourselves getting those ready?
No, it’s good, it’s good. It's a lot of work. We're just going to fall behind really quickly, because it takes approximately two episodes to make one of those one-hours, but then they air two at a time.

Do you think the network will give you a break after the first month?
No, I think we're right into it.

The Office, Jenna Fischer


Good times. Maybe over Thanksgiving you'll get a couple hours off! As it stands, Pam and Jim are sort of a would-be couple with obstacles. Do you think they have the potential to be a couple with a complicated relationship?
Um, I don't think those are the only two paths.

What's another path?
Well, if I told you, you might be able to figure out our season.

Jan has had a big character shift. She was sort of a ball breaker, and now—
She always had misgivings, though. She was always torn, I think, and she had a lot of ambition to be successful in the world of business, but she also wanted, um, a more domestic life.

The Office: Steve Carell, Melora Hardin

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She has a soft, gooey center?
Yeah. Exactly. Or maybe she was alternating back and forth. I mean, she made the mistake of getting involved with Michael, and that was her weakness. 

B.J. Novak's character has grown up and out. Can you talk about any conflicts he might be having this season? Any character growth?
Well, it's difficult to manage Michael Scott, and he's trying to put everything on computers and start a Website for Dunder-Mifflin. 

Kelly and Andy—any information about their paths this season?
Well, Kelly's having a lot of problems dealing with the fact that Ryan's gone, and she acts out a lot. 

Awe. Some.
Yes, and Andy has some interesting stuff happen to him that I can't give away, because it would kind of spoil a big arc that we're doing. He's very involved in upcoming episodes. 

Last but not least, Dwight and Angela—do they continue to persist with their flirtation?
A lot of stuff with Dwight and Angela, too, a lot of activity there.

Okay, so anyone else pretty much aching for the return of the best dang comedy around? If so, holla atcha Dunder-lovin’ friends in the Comments section below!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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