Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere

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Allison in Seattle: When does Tater Tops voting begin?
Tomorrow is Tater Tops Tuesday, so get your clicking fingers ready!

Tezza in Hoboken, New Jersey: When is your Totally Tube 2007 going to be released? It is so informative and gives us a very quick lowdown on all the new fall season shows. I hope you are still doing it and not canceling it. Thanks!
Hey, the marketing department here at E! Online keeps asking us the very same question. Are you some sort of marketing mole creeping into the chat to get them answers? We kid. Totally Tube will totally happen this year, probably in early September. Ish. Maybe. We guess...we're a little wishy-washy on the dates, as you can see.

Mel in Dayton, Ohio: Did you see the Dirty Sexy Money ad on Perez Hilton today?
We did! ABC continues their hilarious promotion of DSM’s fictional Darling family by creating fake media coverage of the infamous folks. This particular promo includes Samaire Armstrong, who plays a spoiled, wannabe actress. Sort of a Paris Hilton-type...

Jen in Jen's Cube: Jen, what's awesome on the Internet right now?
What's awesome on the Internet right now is the Mayor of Television's (totally fake) history of the television. He's angling for a slot on that upcoming PBS documentary about the story of the small screen, so he wrote it all up ahead of time, so they'll know he knows his stuff when it comes time to pick the talking heads. Sure, it's totally fake, but it's also funny as heck. Read it here.

Maria in Springfield, New Jersey: I need Hills scoop! Now.
Whoa, lady. Well, the DVD drops tomorrow, so get excited, ’cause we’re hearing about all sorts of saucy extras. In the meantime, MTV has created EmotiClips—a way for you to communicate with your pals using scenes of L.C. and company. So, if you want to tell your friend she's dating a "sucky person," you can send her this clip from YouTube. Or post it on MySpace, so the whole world knows how you feel. All 12 EmotiClips can be found on YouTube—just search for The Hills EmotiClip. It’s good stuff!

Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

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Abandon hope all ye who enter here...

Tina in Twenty-Nine Palms, California: Heroes! Tell me about Heroes!
Claire's new boyfriend has something in common with one of her dads.

Petra in Miami: Can you tell us anything about the new Heroes?
Okay, we'll stop teasing you. Claire's new boyfriend can fly, and for one particular romantic getaway, he picks her up and carries her to the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. Also, according to our source, Claire is still very much a teenager and has been sneaking out of the house to hang out with her new fella.

Alessandra in Oklahoma City: Anything good on Heroes?
If all goes according to plan, one of your favorite Heroes will appear in the third ep of Pushing Daisies. He (yes, it's a he) even brings one of his "powers" with him.

Selena in El Paso, Texas: Do you know anything about season four of The Office?
This is an unconfirmed rumor, but it sounds funny enough to be true. Dunder-Mifflin may be sponsoring a [Name of Office Worker Deleted for Your Peace of Mind] Memorial Celebrity Pro-Am Rabies Awareness Fun Run. Memorial?! Yes. Rabies? Also yes—perhaps from the bat who busted into the office last season?

Rena in Berkeley, California: I needs me some Office news!
Joss Whedon is tentatively scheduled to direct his second Office episode in October.

Ugly Betty, America Ferrera

ABC/Ron Tom

Teri in San Antonio, Texas: Y'all haven't mentioned any scoop from my favorite show—Ugly Betty. Any new information on Henry and Betty?
According to Christopher Gorham, "We are continuing the saga of Henry and Betty. In the very first episode, the first five minutes cannot be missed. There is a great Henry-Betty scene, and Charlie is involved. Early on in the season, we find out who the baby's daddy is, and Henry gets a buddy in accounting. It's very exciting stuff."

Andrea in Stockbridge, Massachusetts: I've been watching all the Ugly Betty reruns on ABC this summer, and that show is so good. Any news on season two?
Ashley Jensen tells us, "We discovered that Christina has a husband she walked out on. She went out one day, went out to the shops and just didn't come back. I think he wasn't a very nice guy, so she's come over to America and here she is at Mode. And I think he may make a little appearance."

Connie in Chicago: Jen, I am totally addicted to Mad Men. I can't believe it's on AMC—it is HBO/Showtime caliber. Scoop? What's in store for Don and his ladies? Do we get to find out more about his past? Thanks!
E! is doing a Mad Men set visit this very day, so we'll hopefully bring you major Mad news soon, but for the meantime, the next episode is all about rotten little Pete (Vincent Kartheiser). He takes on Don—and it doesn't go well for either of them. We also learn a little more about his wife and his background. We're supposed to empathize with him, but frankly, I still think he needs to be punched in the face.

Mary in Wichita, Kansas: One Tree Hill scoop!
Fifth-season rumors are swirling around the Web, and we’re working on confirming (or denying) the following: Moira Kelly may no longer be a part of the cast; Nathan might be in a wheelchair with no hope of an NBA career; Rachel might be working for Brooke at her own boutique (à la postcollege Donna Martin). Again, this info is still sketchy, so don’t jump to any conclusions just yet.

Dave Annable

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

Alexa from Studio City, California: I cannot wait for the new season of Brothers & Sisters. Any word on Justin returning?
Justin will be returning to the Walker clan very early in the season, but he will be in a wheelchair.

Tesa from Atlanta: Brothers & Sisters?
Look for Senator McCallister's ex-wife, Courtney, to make an appearance this season and have a little one-on-one time with future Mrs. McCallister, Kitty.

Tiffany from Grand Rapids, Michigan: What's coming up for Kevin on Brothers & Sisters? Kevin's boyfriend from season one, Scotty, will be returning this season

Zoe in Wharton, Texas: My Boys is back! Yeah! Any good tiddly bits coming up for this show?
We just got the next three episodes, and it looks like Mikey takes up yoga, Stephanie starts hanging out with the boys more as well as seeing a "fiscal fitness coach" (she's in debt counseling), and one of the following statements about Bobby is true: He is either a gajillionaire, or he once made out with Chelsea Clinton. Oh, and last but not at all least, the ripped and ridiculously fine Ryan Reynolds guest stars as a jackass friend of Brendan's. 

How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris


Beth in Brookfield, Connecticut: When is How I Met Your Mother coming back, and are Ted and Robin getting back together?
How I Met Your Mother returns Sept. 24, and sorry, but no on Ted and Robin! Ted and Barney are double-dating and practicing the professional wingman business this season, from what I understand. And I hear Robin may already have a new boyfriend.

Rosie in Houghton, Michigan: Have you heard anything about Peter Stormare and/or Forest Whitaker appearing on Lost  this season?
Interestingly, Peter and Forest have the same manager. We heard the same rumors you did and asked if either of those guys would be appearing on Lost this season. The management company came back with "not that we know of." That doesn't mean they're not working on a deal for one or both of them to be on Lost. But if it is true, it sounds like nothing is certain.

Marcia in São Paolo, Brazil: Do you have any scoop at all on Private Practice? I'm going through major Tim Daly withdrawal...
São Paolo, what's up! (That's where Kristin's Joao is from!) Anyway, according to Kate Walsh herself, "There's going to be some drama and some funny for sure, but I think instead of more surgery focus like Grey's, this is a group of doctors. They're not interns or struggling to compete in the surgical world and get their specialties and residencies and all of that. These are people who are successful in their professions. They've chosen their careers. They've chosen to become part of a private co-op of doctors in this old-fashioned way of medicine, doing house calls and really treating patients. And yet it's in Santa Monica in California, and there's a lot of Botox and a lot of fun and funny. I think also that all of the characters are sort of at crossroads in their lives. They're all sort of starting over in some way or another, so that'll be a lot of interesting, fun stuff to do."

Amy in Boston: Any word about Nathan Fillion on Desperate Housewives?
How about a word from Nathan Fillion on Desperate Housewives? He recently spoke about his ob-gyn character and said happily, "If you had to be anyone on Wisteria Lane, let's say a kind of doctor—what kind of doctor would you be? Living the life of Riley here."

Michelle in Madison, Wisconsin: How cute is Ben on Big Love? How long will he be heartbroken? Will he and Brynn get back together?
Yes, Doug Smith is adorable—and we're not just saying that 'cause he's Ephram Brown's (aka Gregory Smith) baby brother. Actually, we're hearing Ben may have his eye on a couple of new ladies pretty soon. 

Charlie in Marietta, Ohio: Is Roman dead or not on Big Love?
Not. Not yet, anyway. From what we understand, he's only in the hospital for an episode and a half, so look for more Roman-related intrigue as the season progresses. Also, we haven't seen the last of Ana, which is awesome, because, heck, she really would be a great fourth wife. Last but not least, if Big Love is your bag, check back later this week, as Korbi interviewed show runners Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer for TV Summer School.

Jeffrey Donovan

Dan Littlejohn/USA Network

Shawna in Wayland, New York: You should catch Burn Notice. It's funny and brilliant, and the main man is a hunk with a sly little smile.
Oh, honey, we are all over Burn Notice. In fact, we snagged a couple of upcoming episode descriptions for you. The Aug. 16 ep is called "Wanted Man" and features a jewel heist at a hotel, and on Aug. 23, look for "Hard Bargain," wherein Michael takes on a kidnapping ring. By the way, what do you guys think of the theory that Michael's father is, um, alive?

Terri in North Hollywood, California: Will Zooey Deschanel appear on Weeds this season?
Yes, Zooey is returning as Kat on Weeds. Sadly, her hilarious appearance only lasts a brief one episode this season. Still, if you love your Zooey, hang in there for Sci Fi's upcoming Tin Man. She's Dorothy in a new version of The Wizard of Oz, and the production looks exquisite.

Zack in Madison, Wisconsin: Anything on Justin's character from Weeds?
Justin has a rough beginning this season. First, he gets attacked for being accused of being a pedophile, and then he is forced to attend boot camp. Not to mention he witnesses a pretty amusing death.

Sarah in Lake Forest, Illinois: I love Weeds. Give me some scoop, please!
Let's just say massive amounts of water and marijuana are going to cause Nancy some serious problems.

Jesse in New Mexico: Weeds! Weeds! Weeds!
Celia learns all about Nancy's little family business.

Mina in Kettleman City, California: Any info on Scrubs?
In the first ep, Kim and J.D. discuss getting back together, and Elliot and Keith Dudemeister fight about their wedding.

Beth in St. Louis, Missouri: Any So You Think You Can Dance scoop?
Word on the street says Neil and Sabra's routine tonight is going to be awesome. Oh, hey, speaking of SYTYCD, our very own Korbi got the opportunity to interview the weekly eliminees through Yahoo! Checkity-check out her sit-down with Dominic and Sara.

Eli in New York City: Anything on Battlestar Galactica?
Not right this second, but we might get the chance to interview Katee Sackhoff later this week, so if you have questions, email us at tvdiva@eonline.com and we'll try to get you answers!

—Additional reporting by Michael Berner and Lindsey Osborne

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