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J.Go here. Last night at the NBC cocktail party, I rescued Tina Fey from behind a piano, brought her a Diet Coke and interviewed her. I can die now, but before I go, here’s what I picked up about season two of 30 Rock:

The Lemon-Donaghy Romance Begins Five Minutes After Never:  Despite their intense chemistry, Tina says there’s no romance—nor any sex—in store for Liz Lemon and her boss, Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin. "No, never gonna happen. They have great chemistry, I think, but in the writers' room we always talk about it as Lou Grant and Mary Tyler Moore, or Han Solo and Princess Leia. Lot of chemistry, never happened."

Paging Mrs. Brady?  Kenneth the Page, on the other hand, might get some action this season. "Kenneth the Page will have so many love affairs. Somebody pitched the idea of Kenneth the Page having an affair with Florence Henderson, which I think we should really try to make happen. She’s really funny."

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down:  Tracy Morgan’s real-life ankle bracelet could very well make an appearance this season on 30 Rock. Tina tells me, "Tracy’s been saying that, and I’m like, Okay! We'll see. Don’t have any big plans for it yet, but maybe..." Send your ankle-bracelet story ideas to, uh, 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Begin at the Beginning:  It’s early yet, but the writing staff is hard at work. There are no complete scripts, but according to Tina, "We’ve broken a lot of stories, and then I get in there with the writers next week."

Slice Girls:  Says Tina of possible story beats for the coming season, "We've talked about Jenna, Jane Krakowski’s character, coming back from summer hiatus having gained like, 30 pounds, because she spent her summer doing Mystic Pizza: The Musical, and she had to eat two whole pizzas a day. So, we might have her struggling with that as a small arc in the beginning. Jane, of course, is in fantastic shape. I talked to Jane about it last year, and she was totally into it."

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