Oh, how I love Rob Thomas. Let me count the ways:

1.  The Veronica Mars mastermind himself came right here to WWK Central to lay down the truth about exactly where our beloved show stands. (Swoon.)

2.  He had good news. (Double swoon.)

3.  He had good news for fans of Logan and Veronica. (Squee!)

4.  He brought an important message just for you, the fans. (And now you'll love him, too.)

You can see Rob in all his guest-star glory in this week's Watch with Kristin show (Kristin loves to use Kristin's name in the third person) in the video box above, where you'll also find scoop on a certain House romance (plus Hugh Laurie pulling a Zoolander) and a discussion of assless chaps with my favorite Heroes and Felicity star.

Meanwhile, Veronica fans, I have much more info to share with you from my powwow with Rob Thomas. So, I'll be giving you our entire interview on Tuesday—the exact same day that  Veronica Mars returns to the CW.

You will be watching, won't you? Of course you will!

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