Adrien Grenier, Carla Gugino

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Hot. Hot. Hottt.

This is what I can tell you to expect this Sunday night on HBO’s Entourage, as the season finally gets a little spicy—or should I say, bubbly?—with some hot and steamy action between Vincent (Adrian Grenier) and Amanda (Carla Gugino).


I should warn you, however, that the forthcoming onscreen chemistry is almost too much to take, ‘cause when the heat of Adrian combines with the sizzle factor of Carla, it’s a little like looking directly at the sun. A little advice? Wear your sunglasses while watching at night. (The '80s are back anyway.)

That said, I know many of you have some burning questions regarding Vince, Ari and the gang. You’ve been emailing. I’ve been shirking my Entourage duties (too busy with my own entourage of hot Future Husbands who are surrounding me right this minute—in picture frames).

So, whaddya say we tackle some of the show’s biggest scooplicious queries, courtesy of the cast, which I caught up with at a recent event at the TV Academy? Can I get an amen? Thought so!

Could Amanda and Vince Actually Be (Gasp!) a Couple?  Last week, a "cute" compliment from Vince was returned by Amanda with an insta-booty call. When the show picks up this Sunday, you’ll see exactly where they land (it is sudsy) and exactly what they’re wearing (nothing but dead sexiness).

How Hot Are They?  Too hot, according to Adrian. "[Carla and I] do have chemistry," he said. "In fact, the producers kept telling us to tone down the chemistry...So, it was a little difficult. It's hard to look at her in a professional manner when she's so beautiful!" Hence, the reason the hookup is not short-lived. And actually involves...wait for it...feelings.

Will Sloane and E. Stay Together?  "His career keeps getting in the way," Kevin Connolly explained. "That’s the problem with these two. They’ll probably commit and get married. But not until season eight or nine."

In the Meantime, How’s This for a Dishy Nugget?  Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) let it slip that Christina Ricci was supposed to guest star as a love interest for E. Though the casting didn’t pan out, another lady might be on the way. Sharpen those claws, Sloane!

Will Ari Ever Catch a Break?  Not any time soon. In this Sunday’s episode, he gets a visit from an old frat buddy, played by The Howard Stern Show regular Artie Lange, who hilariously torments Ari with his newfound success, money and hot, young fiancée, played by Leslie Bibb. "I get to slap Leslie Bibb’s ass!" Lange told me. "My uncles will be so proud."

And Artie (Who Last Worked with Piven in Old School) Might Be Back:  "I was so flattered, because Doug Ellin cast me without having me come in to read," Artie tells me. "And he was just in town and said he’d love to have me back on the show." (Artie also says he’ll return as Kenny’s obnoxious cousin on Rescue Me for a four- to five-episode arc.)

What Else Is Coming Up?  Lovin’ for Lloyd—of the ex variety. "There's finally an episode coming up where you see somebody who Lloyd has dated in the past," Rex Lee told me. "They're still casting the role."

There's Also Some Tension Ahead for Vince and His BFF:  "I might take on another client this season," Kevin Connolly dished. "Which could cause some serious problems between Vince and E." And Vince and Amanda won’t last forever either. "Vinnie will do 116 things wrong with her," Jeremy Piven teased. "But Ari will be there to pick up the pieces."

I had a sneaking suspicion he might.

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