Grey's Anatomy: Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez

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If you happen to be a fan of Grey's Anatomy and also read the National Enquirer report that Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight would be leaving the show, I have two words for you: ¡Calmate, tigre! (Translation: Settle down, putty tat.)

From what I'm hearing, there is no reason to panic.

Sources close to the show tell me that unless this is the most guarded secret ever regarding Grey's Anatomy (these sources are so inside they knew about Denny's death months before it happened), the rumors of T.R. and Isaiah's departure are completely bunk.

According to Grey's insiders, both T.R. (George) and Isaiah (Burke) are under contract for next season and expected to return. And while Isaiah's rep declined comment (saying, "We’re going to do our business in private and not in the media"), T.R.'s rep says the rumors are "completely untrue."

Of course, what departure rumor is true is that Kate Walsh (Addison) is leaving Grey's Anatomy next month, assuming her pilot, Private Practice, is picked up by ABC. And sources at the Alphabet net tell me it is looking promising for a green light.

But before she leaves, you'll never guess (or, okay, maybe you will) what long-awaited, tongue-wag-worthy ac-shun we're gonna get.

[Don't read if you don't want to know.] 

Addison and Alex! Or so it certainly seems from this promo clip on YouTube.

Bless you, Shonda Rhimes. Bless you.

Now, if I could just get over the sinking sensation that Sara Ramirez will be leaving the show, all would be bright in my Grey world.

Are you hoping anyone stays or goes on Grey's? Feel free to comment away below.

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