The Black Donnellys: Jonathan Tucker, Olivia Wilde

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Talk about a close-knit family.

NBC's The Black Donnellys only aired six times before being pulled off indefinitely at the beginning of April. Still, in that short amount of time, Donnellys has recruited a fan base—or maybe it's a fam base—so passionate that some are pulling out the stops in order to save it, setting up petitions and Websites and sending emails to journalists like myself and some of the show's contacts at NBC.

You gotta love the gusto!

Naturally, since Donnellys star Jonathan Tucker happens to be my future husband, not to mention the show is pretty darn outstanding, I could not agree more that The Black Donnellys deserves a second season. So, I checked in with the show's rep at NBC, who tells me: "We haven't announced any decision yet, and we probably won't know until May. For the time being, each new episode will air Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on"

The real skinny? Sources connected to the Peacock network tell me the higher-ups at NBC are waiting to see how its pilots for new series turn out (the ol' wait-and-see—it kills me!), and they're also putting a lot of weight into how well the Donnellys episodes do on and also on iTunes.

So, here's what I'd recommend: Please ease off on the personal emails (your point has been made, and trust me, sending oodles of unsolicited emails will most likely have an adverse effect) and start encouraging all your friends to click over to on Monday night and watch the bejesus out of each new episode of The Black Donnellys. Ratings talk—even when they're of the dot-com variety.

And if you do want to tell someone why Donnellys needs to be saved, please feel free to comment below and I will gladly forward it to NBC for you. You can also sign the petition here.

Let's keep this family together!

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