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Note: Do not read this if you haven't seen the season finale of Battlestar Galactica!

Frakkin' A! How frakkin' good was that season finale?! 

If you watch Battlestar Galactica (and if you don't, you are so missing out!), your jaw is still on the floor following the revelation of four more Cylon models, not to mention the return of someone very special whom we thought we had lost.

To help you recover from the shock and regain your bearings (it's so hard to make intergalactic treks without bearings), I rang up Battlestar Galactica show runner Ronald D. Moore to find out what the frak is going on—and asked him to answer some of your burning questions.

And by the way, after last night's season finale and from the interview you're about to read, I'm convinced the "D" in Ronald D. Moore stands for "diabolical genius."

The identities of the four Cylons are so shocking! Tory's always been a little iffy, but the loyalties of Anders, Tigh and the Chief seemed beyond question, and they led the resistance on New Caprica. None of them were the usual suspects. Is there any sort of relationship between that sort of human loyalty and their Cylonity?
I don't know that it's directly connected. If you're asking if that was part of the plan to have them take that cover, then no. They're very much unaware of how they could be Cylons, they're confused by the knowledge, and they don't have an agenda. It's not the same as when Sharon was a Cylon—they haven't been to the Cylon parties. All they really know is they're Cylons. They have this revelation to themselves of what their true nature is, but beyond that they have no idea what the agenda is or if they have an agenda or how this could have happened. They're very much in the dark, much like the audience is.

And just because there will be debate, can you confirm that they are Cylons?
Yes, they're Cylons. 

Will we meet the fifth Cylon eventually, and when?
Yes, I think we will eventually reveal the fifth Cylon. "When" is a tougher question to answer, because we haven't really decided ourselves. 

And you won't tell us this if you know what's good for you, but have we met that Cylon before?
Oh, I can't answer that.

I have questions that were emailed from readers. The first one is from Alesia: "In one of the podcasts, you said 'Maelstrom' [where Starbuck dies] was the beginning of the third act of the series. What would you say was the break between the first and second acts?"
Oh, that's an interesting question. I would say it was the year's leap forward that was the end of the first act. The story of New Caprica—that, to me, was the second act of the show.

Now, Starbuck seems to be back, but is Katee Sackhoff contracted to do season four? Is there more Starbuck story to tell?
Yes, Katee will be back with us for season four. We couldn't let her go.

Does Kara Thrace's special destiny have anything to do with the identity of her father?
Of her father? No. 

What does it mean for fans of the show that Katee and Tricia are both shooting pilots?
They are shooting pilots, but they're not going to be regulars on those shows, so it's nothing to worry about.

Another fan Q, from Terai80: "If and when they reach Earth, which Starbuck says she has done, would we see the survivors of the colonies interacting with the earthlings?"
I think it really depends when in our history they arrive, but that's one of the questions we're holding off on for now. 

Do you personally believe that the prophecies are true in this universe, and if so, is Laura Roslin necessarily the dying leader?
She's not necessarily the dying leader, but she's probably the dying leader. That'll be one of the issues that'll get wrestled over in the fourth season, and the prophecies, as we've seen, have a great deal of relevance to the people of Galactica. But at the same time, that doesn't mean every single one will come true or every single one is relevant to their story. 

Here's a big one that I'm personally quite invested in. Kmags wants to know: "Will Roslin and Adama ever get together?" And I think she means in the traditional, make-out, slobber-all-over-each-other sense.
[Laughs.] I don't know if we'll ever get to that point. We're moving that relationship forward into the fourth season, [but] whether it actually gets to actually swapping saliva, I’m not sure. 

Another reader, David Fouse, asks: "Is Hera the first human-Cylon hybrid, or were there maybe other ones before her?"
Uh...I don't think I'll answer that one. 

From Menamarie: "Are the Cylons all working to a larger goal, or are there different factions with their own agendas?"
I think we've started to suggest that some might have their own agendas. D'Anna certainly had her own agenda, and it ended up getting her boxed. I think there are divisions within the Cylon nation itself, and I think those divisions and fissures will only grow as the fourth season goes on.

Do those factions have leaders? Cavil seemed to be a little bit more knowing...
I think certain leadership will start to develop on both sides of the divide. 

And what can you tell people to tide them over in the long, lonely months between this finale and the beginning of next season?
Well, they'll certainly have enough to chew on. I expect there will be a whole range of reactions to this finale. I suspect they'll either love it or hate it. The reaction when people see the finale should certainly carry us along for a while, and then I'll just try to make a concerted effort to blog more and go on message boards a bit more and keep contact with the fans and give stuff for them to chew on. 

What can you tell us about the "special two-hour extended event that will air during fourth quarter 2007 and be released on DVD by Universal Studios Home Entertainment thereafter"?
You're not by chance reading from a press release, are you? We think of it essentially as two extra episodes, and it will not pick up directly from the huge cliffhanger we have at the end of season three with the revelations of Cylons and Starbuck. The extended episodes will essentially go back and tell a story about the Pegasus. We'll deal with events in the past that we've never shown before, but those two eps will also set up some things that will pay off in the fourth season. 

And Michelle Forbes might be in there somewhere?
Yes, exactly. 

Kbroxmysox asks: "Do you watch Veronica Mars or The Office, and how do you feel when they name-check your show?"
I don't watch Veronica Mars, even though I know I should because everyone talks about it. And I do watch The Office. I love it when they do the shout-outs! I'm usually directed to them when they happen, and I'll find them on YouTube or someone will send me a clip, and they're very, very cool.

(Quick, someone send this man some frakkin' Veronica Mars DVDs! Plus, check back later for the chat, where we'll have even more from Moore! Yes, it's an embarrassment of BSG riches...Can you stand it?)

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin


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