Grey's Anatomy: Kate Walsh

ABC/Karen Neal

I have to admit, I’m getting a little giddy over the idea of this Grey’s Anatomy spinoff with Addison. Not only have I been told by trusted insiders that the script is "phenomenal," but it also includes just about the best cast a TV fan could ever want: Kate Walsh (duh), Taye Diggs (yum), Tim Daly (double yum), Alias’ kickass Merrin Dungey (love), Prison Break’s Paul Adelstein (also known as Paris Geller’s hubby) and Chris Lowell of Veronica Mars.

Still, I also feel the pain of you fellow Veronica Mars fans, since yoinking our beloved Chris Lowell (Piz) from the most underappreciated show on television is, well, less than ideal for the world of Neptune, California.

Since so many of you have emailed asking, "Is Chris Lowell off of Veronica Mars?" I went straight to Veronica’s big boss himself, the genius Rob Thomas to get the answer. Here’s what R.T. told me: "We only had Chris in a one-year deal, so he was free to pursue other shows. We hope to be able to use him some more, though clearly we won't be able to resign him as a series regular."

Meanwhile, insiders tell me that the storyline will bring America's sexiest gyno, Addison Montgomery, away from Seattle to this very city—Los Angeles. So, I'm told Addison will be far away from the hot men of Seattle Grace, all of whom plan to stay over on that other (original) show. (Let’s take a moment for the hotness that almost was Addisex. Blimey!)

Also, as luck would have it, I just ran into fellow bride-to-be (you know I’ll mention that any chance I get) and former Francinator Merrin Dungey, and she was bursting at the seams (thankfully, not in her bridal gown) over her new Addison’s Anatomy gig. "I am thrilled beyond words!" she beamed. "What a wonderful group of people to be working with, right? The best part was, they day I got cast, all my family had just arrived and I could run home and tell them that I got the part. How awesome is that?!"

Awww...Sydney Bristow would be so proud.

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