Update: We've just added video of your Brothers & Sisters favorites—thanks to Korbi, who filled in for me when I was still reeling from bad fish. (Oh, the things Korbi will do to me to get to Dave Annable and Rob Lowe!) A special thanks to Korbi, and I hope you all enjoy.

Attention, Child Services: I want the Walkers to adopt me.

That's what I can tell you after last night's Brothers & Sisters event at the William S. Paley Television Festival at the Museum of Television and Radio.

They're just the coolest family around. (And for the record, I'd also do anything to have a pillow fight with Dave Annable.)

The Walkers were all in attendance, with the exception of Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin), who was in New York (or possibly on a covert mission for SD-6), and Rachel Griffiths, who had the stomach flu (maybe she ate the same mahimahi).

And the newest member of the fam, Miss Emily VanCamp (the Walkers' recently revealed half-sister Rebecca), even made a special appearance! The Everwood alum got huge applause from the audience when her name was announced—we're talkin’ hoots and hollers rivaling Sally Field’s reception from the crowd!—proving that many Brothers fans followed executive producer Greg Berlanti from his former baby (Everwood).

But let’s be honest, most everyone was really there to see Rob Lowe (holy heartthrob, is he gorgeous in person!), and oh, also ‘cause, you know, Brothers & Sisters is one of the best shows on television.

What We Learned

It Really Is a Family Affair:  Not only is Patricia Wettig (William Walker’s longtime hussy, er, I mean, mistress, Holly) married to executive producer Ken Olin (formerly of Alias), but their son Cliff Olin is a writer on the show! In fact, they screened his first episode, "The Valentine’s Day Massacre," last night. And it doesn’t end there. Patricia and Ken’s daughter, Roxanne, just so happens to play Jason Lewis’ girlfriend on the show! Can anyone say nepotism?! Rob Lowe can! And he did last night, only to be playfully shushed by Calista Flockhart. “He says these things, but he doesn’t really mean them,” she laughed.

The Walker Boys Joined the Show for Some Funny Reasons:  Why did Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys and Balthazar Getty want to join the show? The money. Well, that’s what Balthazar said, anyway. (I do love an honest man.) Annable joked he was simply interested in meeting Harrison Ford, while Rhys (who happens to have the most adorable Welsh accent, as you may have seen in my latest Vine show) was two days away from getting deported back to Wales. He also admitted his accent does slip in sometimes. “Ken Olin was directing the last episode, and [in the middle of a scene] yelled, “Cut. Can you not sound like you’re from Middle Earth?” Ha!

Boys Are Allowed to Have Fun:  Several fans called attention to the character of Kevin and how much it means to have a homosexual sibling portrayed as just any other kid. Creator Jon Robin Baitz gave much of the credit to ABC and Touchstone. “They’ve been wildly encouraging. No one ever said 'Less guys kissing.' We’ve come a long way.”

We Will See Daddy Walker Again:  “Yeah, definitely,” Baitz promised. “I think there will be moments when [William Walker’s] relationship with the kids needs to be explored and it will be through flashbacks...[Tom Skerritt] is such a great actor.”

Senator McCallister May Be a Corrupt Politician After All:  When Rob Lowe was asked whether the senator is really a good guy or not, he turned to the producers. “There are things coming. Right, boys?” Berlanti and Baitz wasted no time nodding their heads. “No one that handsome could be [all good],” Baitz teased.

Family Bonding Happens at Hooters:  Yes, if you’re looking to hang with Dave Annable, you might wanna swing by a Southern California Hooters. According to Matthew Rhys, Dave dragged him there for a get-to-know-you session just before the season began.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go buy a pair of scrunchy socks, short shorts and nude tights.

—Additional reporting (and flirtation with Annable—grrr) by Korbi Ghosh

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