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The Hills have eyes. And apparently, many of those eyes belong to you, because your emails have been pouring in, demanding to know the latest on the Lauren-Heidi-Jenn situation.

For those of you who really haven't been keeping up on MTV's guiltiest pleasure, here's what happened this week: Jenn Bunney kinda hooked up with her lifelong friend Lauren's on-again, off-again man, Brody Jenner. But here's the thing, Jenn's rendezvous with Mr. Jenner was encouraged by Lauren's "best friend," Heidi Montag, although she later told Lauren she had nothing to do with it.

In short, Lauren seems to have sided with Heidi, not to mention Brody Jenner, while Jenn has been given the boot. I tracked Jenn down to get her side of the story, and she insists there's a lot we didn't see. "[The episode] was edited for dramatic purposes. Ridiculously. I'm very upset, because it's just so far from what I felt happened," she tells me.

Lauren ain't having any of it, says Jenn. "She won't listen to me," Jenn says. "She won't believe anything I have to say. And I just think it's unfair. I wish I had talked things out with her immediately [after they happened], because she wasn't actually mad at first, but then Brody and them all got to her. They [escalated] the drama, because they wanted more drama on the show. And it's like, okay, you're going to believe Brody, who you've known for a few months, but you're not going to believe me, and you've known me for over 10 years."

In Jenn's defense, there apparently were a couple of scenes deleted where she seemed quite concerned that Lauren would be upset with the pairing. She even phoned Lauren from Brody's apartment, to ask her permission. But to this day, according to Jenn, Lauren refuses to speak to her.

Jenn may have a chance to redeem herself, since MTV has promised she'll get a chance to say her peace before the season ends. Hopefully, for Jenn, that episode will come sooner than later, since she's having a hard time dealing with all the hate mail she's receiving. "I think it's unfair people would [judge me] based on what they saw on TV."

What do you think? Fair? Unfair? Are there greater things in life we should be worrying about? Of course not! So, go ahead and comment below.

—Reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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