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Oh, what a season of Beauty and the Geek it has been. The guys got some action and the girls got...well, the girls just got real bitchy. Never before have we seen such drama in the Geekdom, with a full-on love affair, no-holds-barred catfights and a couple of beauties actually double-teaming one of the boys in bed!

It's no wonder the rumors about what really went on behind closed doors are running rampant. Well, wonder no more. After last night's season finale, I did a little digging and got the dirt. It's time to dispel a few of the biggest Beauty myths, so let's get our geek on!

Myth 1: Cecille Made No Friends on the Show
You'd think this one would be true, but it's not! Just last night, the girl who talked smack about nearly everyone in the house said she saw no reason to keep in touch with her castmates. But shocker of shockers, when I spoke with winner Megan this week, she stood up for Cecille. Despite getting the cold shoulder from her in the season finale, Megan said Cece's villain persona was exaggerated. "That was totally overplayed. She's a really sweet girl. People were too critical of her."

Myth 2: Nate Is Moving to California to Live with Jennylee
Sadly, no. Though the two chat on the phone regularly, Nate still has a year at Harvard and Jennylee's all set up in L.A. But he'll consider relocating to the City of Angels after graduation, right? Actually, that's a no, too. Nate told me he's heading to the U.K. after commencement to do a yearlong graduate program at Cambridge, and after that, he has committed himself to two years of Teach for America, heading up a classroom of kids from low-income communities.

Myth 3: Scooter and Niels Are Hot for Each Other
No, they're not! I mean, yes, their slow-mo farm scene was straight outta Brokeback, but Scooter and Niels are totally hetero, my friends! In fact, Scooter's got a girlfriend and Niels is so into the ladies he recently devoted his life to teaching guys how to flirt with women! That's right. Niels is now working for a company that teaches men social skills. Apparently, he has become an expert, of sorts.

Myth 4: Megan Had a Crush on Scooter
Another silly lie! Sure, she and Cecille got pretty friendly with the Scoot-man this season, threesome style. And yes, she did tell me she pushed their beds back together after seeing how hot he looked postmakeover. But surprise, Megan is spoken for! In fact, she's planning a wedding that's happening later this year. Not only that, she and Scooter's lady get along just fine. "Scooter's girlfriend loves his new look. She actually thanked me for it," Megan said.

Myth 5: Nate Regrets Telling His Castmates to Give the $250,000 Prize to Megan and Scooter
Not so! Six months later, the man is still completely selfless. When I asked him about his efforts to convince his castmates that Scooter and Megan deserved the money, in order to teach his partner Cecille that she couldn't treat people poorly and get away with it, Nate said, "Well, it wasn't just to teach Cecille a lesson. It was to teach myself a lesson as well. Maybe if I stepped up and called her out earlier on, saying 'Stop being so mean to people, or I'm not participating,' things would've been different."

Myth 6: Jennylee and Nate Never "Sealed the Deal"
Au contraire, mon frère! At least, according to Miss Megan, who proudly announced to me that Nate and Jennylee totally got it on! "I know everybody thinks they didn't have a chance to sleep together during the show, but I'm here to tell everyone that Nate and Jennylee had sex on the last night in the house." And just for that bit of saucy info, I say Megan and Scooter totally deserve the money. Congratulations, kids!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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