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I've just chatted with inside sources connected to our beloved Gilmore Girls, and I gotta tell you, I'm a little concerned about what's happening over in Stars Hollow. 'Cause, well, the prospects of an eighth season are looking a wee bit grim.

You may have heard the rumors going 'round that Alexis Bledel (Rory) does not want to continue Gilmore Girls (my sworn frienemy, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, reports that Alexis is proving a "tougher sell" than Lauren), and that the CW is considering the idea of doing the show without Alexis.

Well, according to my sources—who are highly placed within the Gilmore family—the plan of a Roryless eighth season has been firmly rejected for one very good reason: Lauren Graham is sticking by her onscreen daughter (you gotta love that) and has made it clear that she will not continue the show without Alexis on board.

So...will we get another season? I'm told Lauren and Alexis are making the decision as a team. If they both decide to partake in an eighth season, we'll get another year of Gilmore bliss. If not (and it kills me to even think it!), this will be the final year of the show we so adore.

Still, don't start saying your goodbyes just yet. The show's rep at the CW insists the report that Alexis does not want to continue with the show is "really just a rumor...I've never heard that from Alexis' people or any reliable source close to the production."

Plus, there's another reason to hold out hope: I'm also told CW president Dawn Ostroff isn't ready to let Lorelai and Rory go—and is prepared to do "whatever it takes" to turn the show around creatively and keep it around another year.

So, maybe it'll work out. While I feel confident in my sources—they have never once steered me wrong before—I hope that in this case they're wrong. 

And, well, let's be honest. Money talks! And if it talks in a very rapid, witty and dramatic fashion, our Gilmore goddesses just might stick around. 

So...what say ye? Should Gilmore go another year? Are you happy to hear Lauren is sticking by Alexis? Weigh in below.

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