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Think you're the biggest Brothers & Sisters fan around? Think again, my friends! My partner-in-crime Korbi Ghosh will wrestle anyone to the death over this show—which is what she was prepared to do to me if I didn't let her cover a visit to the set! It's a good thing I did, because K-Money wrestled up some delish scoop. And here's Korbi with what she learned hangin' the Walkers...

A troubled show?! My tuchus! I don't mean to toot my own horn (okay, I sort of do), but I knew long ago that Brothers & Sisters would be a standout among the new fall dramas. Yes, this summer, when rumors were flying about the high-profile cast not getting along behind the scenes and producers quitting left and right, I remained positive that this family drama would deliver on all my expectations. And when Everwood creator Greg Berlanti signed on, I just knew it would all come together.

In the past couple months, the show has proved itself to be a keeper. So, when I arrived on set to visit with the cast last week, I had more than a few questions on the brain. Let's get started and dispel a couple rumors, while adding fuel to the fire of a few more…

Rumor #1: The actors don't get along. When I got to the Disney lot where Brothers & Sisters films, I walked right into a real-life scene that could've easily been part of an episode. Every Walker sibling was chillin' outside together, spending their break chatting away. Rachel Griffiths was sitting on a crew member's bicycle, shooting the breeze with Sarah Jane Morris and Matthew Rhys, while Balthazar Getty was busy throwing Dave Annable in the bushes. Yes, there were scratches all over his arms and yes, it was all in good fun. The way they were acting, you'd think Dave was actually Balthazar's little brother. "It used to drive me nuts when I read all that stuff [about Brothers & Sisters being in trouble behind the scenes]," Sarah Jane Morris said as she showed me around her dressing room (I know, so cool!). "I was like 'no, it's not, we're having the best time!' " I can vouch for Sarah and say that's certainly how it looked to me. Even during rehearsal for the big Thanksgiving dinner scene (yes, I got to watch while they filmed!), Dave was high-fiving Sally Field and yelling, "You rock, Mom!" between takes. Greg Berlanti, who was only supposed to stick around to help with a few episodes, dug the vibe so much he decided not to leave. "Things are reported one way or another just because of who the cast is, you know what I mean?" he told me. "Part of the reason I wanted to stay on was how happy everyone is on set. They're really good people. A lot of fun."

Rumor #2: Everwood's Emily VanCamp has signed on to play the illegitimate Walker sibling, Rebecca. While producers aren't ruling Emily out as a possibility, there are no concrete plans to offer her the role of Rebecca. "I'm not sure who started that rumor!" Greg laughed. "There's no bigger Emily VanCamp fan than me, but we haven't even finished developing the character yet, so I don't even know if she's the best person for the role at this point." The good news is the door is definitely open to my beloved Everwood alum. Though Treat Williams has another show in the works and his current arc on Brothers ends this Sunday, Greg tells me they'd love to have him back. "Hopefully we'll see him again. Treat really did this as a favor to me, and it was so nice having someone who felt like family around during my first few weeks here." Awww! As for Emily, we won't be meeting Rebecca until February sweeps, so stay tuned.

Rumor #3 : Kevin and Scotty are over and done with. Not necessarily. Greg tells me while their current objective is really to develop Kevin's love life more, it's a safe bet that we'll see Scotty again. "Luke MacFarlane has done a great job, and he's been a wonderful addition to the cast. Hopefully he'll be back and fit into the storyline as it moves forward."

Rumor #4: The show is all about Kitty, Nora and Sarah. Not true. While the show's main focus does seem to be on just a few characters currently, the writers definitely plan to delve into the lives of all the Walkers, including Julia and Joe. They consider it to be an ensemble show and are just letting the audience get comfortable with a handful of family members right now, and then they'll move forward. "It's just like with Everwood," said Greg. "There has to be an Andy and an Ephram, but ultimately we spent just as much time in the Abbott house." Hey, as long as I get my Dave Annable fix every week, I'm all good!

Rumor #5: The mystery of where the money is will drag out all season long. False! Don't forget to watch this Sunday, because there will be resolution. However, the ramifications of the situation will continue to play a part even after the money is found. As for Saul and Holly, who seem to be entangled in the whole debacle, I'm told their love affair will unfold a little differently than you might think. Says Greg, "We've got some big episodes coming up in December, where a lot of that will play out. I think you'll be surprised."

I'm sure I will—and I, for one, cannot wait.

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