Men in Trees, James Tupper

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Well, how’s this for a quick turnaround?

Early this morning, we announced Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip as the grand winner of E! Online’s first annual Save Your New Fave, and now, I’m here to break this exclusive news to you: Studio 60 just got an order for three more scripts!

Yee! It’s not a full season—yet—but, hey, we fans will take it.

And there is more sexcellent (to steal a phrase from Men in Trees star James Tupper) news. Sources tell me that ABC just ordered more scripts for our Save Your New Fave runner-up, ABC’s The Nine, the third-place winner, Men in Trees, and Help Me Help You (the Ted Danson comedy you should be watching).  

It’s a good day to be a TV fan, no?

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