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Weird. Just weird. Someone died on last night's Lost, but it was not the person it was supposed to be. 

Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode, but the initial plan was for Sun to kill off an Other--not Colleen, the tough little biscuit we just met last night, who got it in the gut from a suddenly spineful Sun.  

So, which Other was supposed to die? Any guesses? I can tell you it was not Benry (as if)...nor Juliet...nor Alex...

It was none other than the mysterious Mrs. Klugh. That's right: She was going to get a Klugh.   

(Wow, now that  was a bad pun gone awry.) 

Anyway, for you readers paying attention, you know now why I teased a few weeks back that “Someone we already know would die” in the first four episodes. But hallelujah, Klugh has gotten a whole new lease on life! 

Meanwhile, last night’s ep had more than a few surprises. Not only do we know that Josh Holloway tastes like fish biscuits and Evangeline Lilly like strawberries (good to know), we also know Daniel Dae Kim can rock a bad wig like nobody’s business. And for that, I love him all the more. Plus, you know there was the whole thing with the Red Sox game that proves the Others do have a connection to the outside world. Freaktastic. 

Even more freaktastic? The fact that Ben has “lived on the island his whole life.” He and Claire’s wee babeh have so much in common, and (just a hunch) don’t be surprised if it comes up at some point in the future…

Now let’s get a little spoilery… 

Next week’s episode is the episode I told you all about last week! 'Cause, well, it was supposed to be the second of the season, but ABC changed the episode order. So, let me try to offer up a few more previously undisclosed nuggets:

Locke has a lot in common with some people you wouldn’t expect.

A character we saw twice in the season premiere returns.

We see sex-ay (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, aka Eko) once more.


There was something I wanted to say about this episode...

What was it?

Oh, now I remember: squeee!

In this episode, Sawyer and Kate make out. Also, Sun's a dirty little whore, Sayid and Jin are smokin', Jack's catatonic, Benry's a buttface and Juliet is one of those mystery-puzzle-enigma gift packs, but we'll get to all that in a minute.

Sawyer called her shortcake. Sigh.

A-Plot, on Island: The Foreign Legion is on the sailboat, and Sayid's lying through his teeth about strategy and tactics. Somehow, Sun figures this out and calls him on it. Sayid gives in, explains his plan to rescue Skajate and convinces Sun to sign on. They land with a plan to coax the Others out. Jin ain't stupid, though, and grunts, "Gun." Sun's all, "D'oh," because Jin knows more about both English and automatic weapons than he lets on, and because she teamed up with Sayid to dupe him. Oops.

Anyway, across town, Trixie from Deadwood snuggles up to her b-f , Pickett, and gets permission from Benry to do a little boatjacking. Under cover of night, she takes a team aboard the ship, which is docked at Pala Ferry. As she shimmies into the hull of the sailboat, she runs into a hormonal, gun-wielding Sun. Trixie takes one threatening step too many toward Sunshine and gets shot in the gut for it; this despite telling Sun she's not a killer, which apparently doesn't have the prophylactic effect Trixie expects.

(I believe Hibbs once told Sawyer he wasn't a killer, and look how well that worked out.)

Anyway, Jin and Sayid come a-runnin' from their stakeout spot on the beach, but not before Sun is thrown overboard as the boat speeds into the night. Jin, thinking he has lost his wife forever, is bereft.

Luckily for all parties concerned, before long, he hears her calling, and they are tearfully reunited. It's kind of adorable.

A-Plot, Flashbacks: The crux of the flashback is that Sun's a dirty little whore with more tricks up her sleeve than we ever imagined. She's having an affair with Jae Lee, which ends only when her father finds out. Sun's father sends his son-in-law/enforcer Jin to rub out Jae Lee (without revealing the affair to Jin), but since Jin's a lover not a fighter he let his rival live. But not for long--Jae Lee ends up faceplanting on the hood of Jin's car minutes after their encounter. Did Jae Lee jump off a balcony? Or was he pushed--and by whom? Suspicious minds think it was murder, not suicide, and think that the pusher could have been sweet little Sun herself.

B-Plot: Over in Othertown, Sawyer and Kate get abused. Kate makes friends with Alex, but since it happens on the sly, Kate only knows her as a girl who likes sundresses, not as Danielle's daughter or savior of Claire or anything like that. Alex, meanwhile, may have a teen-island love-match in Karl. How very Blue Lagoon. Then, as I may have mentioned, Sawyer and Kate make out. Sawyer also does what he does best (um, besides making out), he gets a bead on the adversary, sorting through who is in love with whom and discovering who knows kung fu. Later, Sawyer and Kate return to their cages and reminisce about making out.

C-Plot: Jack, meanwhile, has his world thrown off its axis when he learns that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series, therefore disproving 40 years of aphorisms from dear old drunken dad. Benry pretty much effs with Jack's head until blood pours out of the good doctor's ears, once again proving that he, Benjamin Linus/Henry Gale/Creepmaster Flash, is a fearsome, loathsome and altogether awesome enemy. Oh, and he claims to be a native of the island, which is both expected and unexpected. Can't wait for the Benryback. (Take it to the chorus!)

Next Time on Lost: Hurley sees Desmond in the altogether, and Locke gets his mojo back.

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