Let it be known: Stephen Colbert is neither Iraqnophobic nor arachnophobic. Especially now with a namesake eight-legged friend.

Fresh from a two-week hiatus, the new Emmy nominee is expected to soon put the science world—and, as always, the Colbert Nation—on notice as to which species of spider will bear his moniker and officially be named the aptastichus stephencolberti (yes, the "t" will be silent).

The truthiness purveyor has been tasked with choosing just one of 27 species of trapdoor spiders to be named in his honor, an unusual accolade given to him by University of North Carolina biologist Jason Bond in an appearance on Colbert's show last month.

After learning in May that singer Neil Young had a spider named after him—the Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi, as if you didn't know—Colbert took to his airwaves to demand similar naming treatment.

"Where's my spider?" Colbert said at the time. "The world demands an eight-legged tribute to Stephen Colbert, and I do not mean another barbershop quartet."

A little more than a month later, after hearing about Colbert's request, Bond phoned in an appearance on the Comedy Central show and gave in to Colbert's demands.

"So tell me about my spider," Colbert said. "Does it shoot poison darts, does it lay eggs in your ears?"

Bond quickly regaled the excitable faux pundit with video of his would-be eponymous species, a spider that remains hidden until the time is right to strike his prey.

"Oh my God, that's incredible," Colbert said. "And it's named after me!"

Or at least, it will be as soon as Colbert selects the lucky species.

And lest the public think Bond is somehow exploiting his livelihood for Colbert's whims, the scientist, who has also named species after Nelson Mandela, was quick to set the record straight to North Carolina's Daily Reflector.

"Because names are important, it is quite an honor...I wouldn't name a species after him if I didn't think it was appropriate."

As for Colbert himself, Bond gave the faux pundit a ringing endorsement.

"He is a very nice fellow," he told the paper. "And of course he plays a character on the show."

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