Naomi Campbell, Sobe Ad

Remember when Naomi Campbell did the “Thriller” dance with a bunch of CGI lizards for some drink we still have no interest in? Yeah, she’s got nothing on these guys.

Anyway, she’s doing more ads for SoBe, which is where this strange photograph above comes from. Plus, she's got some other things on her mind, as well...

"I'm not a bad person,” the supermodel tells the Daily Mirror. "I'm blessed to be able to do charitable work and good things but no one focuses on that because I don't throw it in people's faces."

Yeah, it’s just cellphones she chucks in people’s faces.

On to more serious topics, there's something that's got Naomi concerned, and that's the lack of black models in the fashion industry, a problem well documented by one of our favorite sites, Jezebel.

As Naomi tells Reuters: “I don't do so many shows anymore, but I do count how many girls of colour they use in the shows. It happens to be last year New York was the worst.”

Italian Vogue has taken a stab at fixing this with their most recent issue, made up entirely of black models, including fierce spreads of Ms. Campbell and Emmy-winner Tyra Banks (yay!—we've missed model Tyra).

So, Naomi: Good, charitable person or bad, bad one?

You make the call. (Just don't use her cell, OK?)

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